Apple or new device and Retina version will be released in the fourth quarter and the Mini

according to bloomberg, apple will launch two this year the product, the release date or in the fourth quarter.

the fifth generation: more narrow border

a new generation of the device in addition to preserved the original size of 9.7 inches, screen frame will become more narrow, now is similar to the mini. If the news is true, then this will be the since March 2012, apple for the first time to redesign it. Sources is expected, a new generation of the device may be launched in the last three months of this year.

, a new generation of the mini: high-resolution Retina screen

in addition, apple will also be launched in this year a new generation of the mini (7.9 inches), and will use a proud Retina screen of apple. In spite of this, xiao yun thought, the device and the mini at the same time, the possibility is not big.

so far, a spokesman for apple is not available for comment. However, after the Wall Street journal also reported a new generation of the device will use a more narrow border.

since apple launched in 2010, the revolutionary products, and then move the smart devices is an upsurge in the tide of tablets. In recent years, with Google, samsung, asus, the emergence of competitors, such as the original niche market has showed a trend of heat. Some analysts believe that apple’s market share decline, with its long time not to launch new products.


product no screenshots leak, the pictured above is the old one