Apple on sale iPhone 5 s/5 c, cook registered Twitter account presence

on Friday, apple store has officially sell iPhone 5 s and the iPhone 5 c . However, more attractive than the news is a story about the cook.

it is understood that the apple with the release of the New flagship phone on that day, the cook not only on apple store in palo alto, also after ended with fruit powder “meeting”, registered a Twitter account, and in his own thoughts.

some netizens took cook at apple retail store on the day of the photos, said cook shake hands with fans present queue, and friendly chat with them.

cook in his Twitter wrote: “today I go to palo alto apple store. When you see the written fans, I just understand apple persistence is for the sake of what “for many years.

compared with companies such as nokia, apple, in terms of social network promotion activity has been low key. Apple, as you know, so far no official Twitter . Obviously, in order to promote their products, also had to cook in the popular sense of the social networking sites.