Apple – MOTOROLA distance sensor patent dispute

the us international trade commission ( the ITC ), the unknown the administrative institutions has become increasingly popular patent dispute ruling body, in apple and MOTOROLA’s patents on the apple side in the dispute. Google in 2010 18 patents to the ITC filed a lawsuit. Google asked the commission banned iPhone import. On Monday, the ITC standing on the side of the apple, the ITC also refused to award MOTOROLA remaining patent disputes on Monday.

Monday’s ruling is only the first 6246862 patent “portable communications equipment user interface of the sensor control”. This includes the concept of using a distance sensor can automatically disable device touch screen. This technique has been iPhone and other smart phone use, this can avoid the user calls when touching the screen caused by wrong operation. the ITC think the concept for the patent protection is too obvious.

the ITC the fight, but apple and MOTOROLA’s huge stages in a patent wars, the federal court in Illinois, Wisconsin and Florida on both sides of the patent litigation. The two companies on the patent battle has been playing in Germany, last year 9 month apple won the MOTOROLA sales ban case. A Google spokesman told Bollmberg , the company is evaluating our choices, and apple did not make any comment.