Apple misjudgment market demand? Users want iPhone 5 s stock is not enough, a large number of stock iPhone 5 c due to lower than expected

a tradition, apple did not provide the iPhone 5 s booking service, seems to be the goods out of the question.

according to the established technology press All Things D reports, a wireless carriers insiders said, 9 on 20 day launch, apple the iPhone 5 s stock quantity will severely below expectations: “supply shortage, we also can’t get much the iPhone 5 s “. In addition to this, otherwise one operator in the bitter, for apple the iPhone 5 s supply said bitterly disappointed.

but it is interesting to note that the above source revealed: although apple provides the the iPhone 5 c reservation, but the market for the iPhone 5 c obviously didn’t reach the apple. And apple, no longer publish the iPhone 5 c booking number. But there are also sources pointed out that apple the iPhone 5 c is quite popular with the market. The the iPhone 5 c there was no shortage, plentiful apple is scheduled services, as long as the reservation can 9 on 20 day delivery.

another reports pointed out that not only the operators in the the iPhone 5 s stock shortage, even apple retail store all appear the same problem. , said to apple global massive official retail store of a New generation of iPhone , 70% to 80% is the iPhone 5 c , is only a small part of the the iPhone 5 s .

but these the iPhone 5 s supply shortage of news, perhaps apple joint operators deliberately released, with “one machine is hard to find” to prompt the user still in apple store in front of the queue… Exactly how things, 9 on 20 day.