Apple is trying to improve their own maps: continuous acquisition map of several companies

close to a period of time since the Apple in order to further improve the Apple Maps, began a series of acquisitions of related applications.

exclusive news media quoted foreign science and technology, the company today bought a company called “startup”, the company’s major urban transportation development change to the application. However, so far, apple did not disclose the specific amount of trading.

Embark now available, including San Francisco, New York, Boston and other cities, travel to ten transportation system transfer information. It is understood that the company is by Y Combinator incubation, SV Angel and BMW also provide financing for its.

according to Lessin, points out that the Apple will Embark the subway map technology into a new version of the Apple in the Maps. However, Apple Maps not immediately added direct map function, it will allow the user to the query transfer information, launch third party applications (such as Embark). You can search in Google Maps, by contrast, change to the travel information, therefore, in terms of cheap sex, Apple Maps are still unable to contend with Google Maps.

since the summer of this year, apple has frequently buying all kinds of map navigation related company. In addition to buy another HopStop navigation transfer information application, apple early on, also completed for a local business data collection company (Locationary) acquisition.

the Apple Maps after login iOS 6 platform, because the accuracy is much less than the opponent, thus was accused by the user. To this end, the cook had publicly apologize to apple users.