Apple is about to stop for the first generation of the iPhone all support services

Beijing time on May 1, according to foreign media reports, according to focus on the well-known American technology blog 9 to5mac apple news, apple, outflow of internal documents show that in 2007 the first generation of the iPhone will be on June 11, formally entered the stage of “outdated”. At the appointed time, the first generation of the iPhone, parts of Mac models and some old Xserve equipment have been officially classified as “antique” products (vintage products) or “knocked out” products (obsolete product).

this is apple’s official support page in the definition of “antique” product:

apple will launch time between five to seven years for those products to stop all hardware services, only in some cases can make exceptions:

1. Due to local laws and regulations, the California in the United States to buy apple products will continue to enjoy the support of the service.

2. California “antique” Mac users will be able to continue to enjoy from apple service provider in the state to send service and replacement parts.

3. California “antique” iPod users will be able to continue through the local apple store or apple technical support hotline at 1-800 – APL – CARE for service.

on the other hand, apple launch time for those who have more than seven years products have been called “out” (obsolete product), these products will not be able to enjoy the apple any official service, and there is no exception. It should be pointed out that, the mobile operators AT& T as early as in the 18 months ago the activation of the first generation iPhone service, also did not give any replacement service.

of course, as a result of the first generation of the iPhone is only belong to the category of “antique” products, which means that the product is still possible in the global apple store or support services in certain technical support and service. However, considering the iPhone is about to enter “elimination” products, the fact that the product the user can continue to enjoy the apple service days are numbered.

translation: tencent technology