Apple iPhone 5 s: back to the beginning of the niche


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whether apple fans, I believe a lot of people were disappointed with the new release of the iPhone. Wall Street investors are buying it, release a new iPhone, apple shares dropped two percent, and since September, 30 billion the market value of apple has evaporated. Apple’s rapid growth since 2007, largely due to the iPhone, but since the iPhone 4/4 s, no bring much surprise to the world, it is no wonder that deny someone asserts that apple’s iPhone, and the iPhone.

will apple decline? I don’t see, I think about the heat of the apple will gradually decline, but this is representative of apple will decay, the next step in the core apple iPhone or differentiation, eventually return to the iPhone.

the mobile phone market has become now the red sea. Traditional international giants, emerging area of the novice, a lot of have multiplied the phones based on android system development, and almost every once in a while, as mobile phone iPhone killer came out. IPhone value most of the Chinese market, for example, only the first half of the iPhone’s market share fell by 5% from a year earlier, while a large number of domestic brands take advantage of powerful offline channels, rapid growth.

and the android system developers and hardware makers had formed period of Wintel Andy beer’s law is similar to the PC (Intel and Microsoft business cooperation to promote the development of the entire IT industry’s law – software upgrades drive hardware generation). In the field of android, Google’s push android system research and development and upgrade, qualcomm, ARM to hardware such as CPU and memory capacity, from two, four to eight nuclei, the height of the development of hardware has been achieved double the effect of Moore’s law, which directly lead to the so-called android flagship machine almost only half a year’s guarantee. In September, a large number of accumulation parameter android “flagship” brainwash audience, it may also be a lot of people first saw the new iPhone parameters after the disappointment.

what’s more, mobile phone as a mobile device, in a large amount of hardware to improve energy consumption at the same time, the congenital insufficiency (battery capacity, the internal heat dissipation space even more. Standing in the user’s point of view, mobile phone is used as the computer or carry computing devices? When android manufacturers try very hard to of mobile phones into a computer, apple still standing in their opposites, continue to carry computing devices, on the basis of the existing hardware and battery maximum optimization.

but apple, in essence, is a design company (Google’s genes are obviously different, and the culture of Google engineers the operators use the android source code to all over the world, but also the power of mobile phone design and UI design to them) since the retina screen of the great progress of the iPhone 4, iPhone in gradual stages in hardware aspect, the month and android camps soaring parameters, apple pay more attention to user experience design. This morning released the iPhone 5 s, for example, in addition to the processor also belongs to the parameters of ascension, I prefer to see the improvement of cameras as the improvement of the software and the user experience, also is 8 million pixels, but changed to 1.5 micron pixels, aperture increases to 2.2, this a great help to improve the camera. In addition, the iPhone 5 s fingerprint identification has been added, although from the application level and humble, but it’s not hard to see, the design of the apple is trying to make everything follow the instinct of human nature, it is far better than android hardware to promote greater meaning.

in the short term, the iPhone to the apple, and still is a very important product. Two phones of the conference, and cannot help apple to open up more markets, this may be one reason for the Wall Street on apple, but, as graham says, short-term market is a voting machine, but long-term is a weighing machine.” But in the long run, apple iPhone development route as and android is different, also is the iPhone to continue the premise of success, even if the return to niche, apple’s future is still expected.