Apple hire luxury burberry CEO ms ahrendts as senior vice President, responsible for apple’s retail and online market

apple announced today that the company has appointed famous British luxury goods company Burberry (Burberry) CEO Angela Ahrendts (Angela Ahrendts) for apple senior vice President, primarily responsible for retail and online stores strategy, direction and operations. Ms ahrendts will report directly to the cook. It is reported, this and no other changes, apple said the position is for ms ahrendts.

since will join the burberry company, ms ahrendts has been busy, and show the management and marketing talent. Through downsizing suppliers, closing some factories, focus on high-margin products, ms ahrendts not only reduce the cost of the burberry company, also let himself led the company to create the miracle of the garment industry.

Angela ahrendts

it is understood that in 2014, ms ahrendts will leave to join apple. Ms. Ahrendts said in a statement: “I am proud to join the company, in the future I will work with the international team, constantly enrich product user experience, and actively explore online two markets.”

on the other hand, cook has made no secret of ahrendts praise: “she has the spirit of innovation to bring value for apple. At the same time, more rare is, she and apple focus on user experience. In ms ahrendts career, she has shown a remarkable achievement.”