Apple fans really more loyal?

Beijing time on April 29, news, according to foreign media reports, each findings seem to show that apple products user loyalty is higher than other brands. However, some people think that, in fact, the user, there is no loyalty, loyalty is because they are the temptation is not enough. If apple’s rivals, samsung and Google introduced more dazzling new products, so apple fans will like this tolerance, and a commitment for life?

apple fans’ loyalty

believe others like you wait for the bus will arrive on time. In essence, man is fickle. At this to share everything of the world, people have become more and more selfish, because they have to spend more time to consider how to display themselves.

the apple is still have devoted fans, this let a person feel surprised. To any one apple store, you will find there total station is full of people.

whenever brand loyalty survey, apple always seems to be leading the way. Recently, a survey designed to test out the most reluctant to buy the brand. The blackberry people seems to be the most reluctant to buy brand; While apple among the list in at the last one.

this week, the market research firm Yankee Group (Yankee Group), according to the number to 2015 American iPhone users will far exceed the Android. It says that in the future the number of people interested in buying the iPhone is expressed interest in buying an Android phone number twice.

and, it thinks, such loyalty is not just because the influence of the apple product itself, but also because the apple ecosystem. According to relevant statistics show that only 9% of apple’s mobile phone users to prepare the next cell phone switch to Android. While 24% of Android users have said they will switch to other mobile phone, 18% of the users to switch to apple mobile phones.

it is not hard to imagine that such a conclusion seems to have a point. The true for Android estrogen seems to be some of the more about technology in the industry, they see in Android is more advanced technology. It’s hard to find some people think that Android in terms of aesthetic or any other emotional factors over the apple.

loyalty and its limitations

however, a more intriguing question is how far can this loyalty.

when you think of those loyal to you or your loyal person, you will often feel in this kind of relationship, people tend to ignore some small flaws. Yes, she is in tight tend to become aggressive, but I can forgive her, because I was loyal to her. True, he behaved very rude in politics, but in an emergency, he can always help me.

apple’s entire ecosystems may have its own limitations, but it is relatively easy to navigate. Moreover, the company also provides a loyal fans of a certain return, such as make smiling employees wearing blue overalls wait there, to help customers have questions at any time. Yes, they really will wait in the supermarket.

the current test is whether such loyalty can bring a glimmer of tolerance. A large number of human anatomy case found that people are always keen to pursue new things. Their expectations are always irrational technology allows them to do all kinds of new drives meet – such as in a vacuum or a finger painting.

however, apple has been unable to satisfy the appetite for this almost crazy – at least in the eyes of some people. If competitors launch a can let apple immediately dwarfed by products, so they probably won’t like such tolerance apple now. They look like before his wife eloped with people in the movie shown to the gradually aging husband contemptuous expression.

the temptation of samsung and Google glasses

samsung launched a bigger screen is clearly a step forward. But that was not enough to make apple’s brilliance faded, although it can cause certain threat to apple.

some people think that, Google glasses can be completely changes the entire market. They believe that in the new future, everyone will be portable computers on the bridge of the nose, then hands free to do more.

this is a different kind of thinking mode.

in the end, the user loyalty for apple may follow the same path and the loyalty of any relationship. You are leaving, because to do so is still has a certain meaning, or you have not found elsewhere have something attractive enough to let you leave.

you are leaving because you still believe that things will get better and better, and you still feel comfortable with. You may think people trapped in the apple ecosystem, but if they don’t have such feeling, they have no trapped in it.

“should go or should I leave?” The problem might depend on apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) mentioned in earnings call last Tuesday to be launched in the fall “shocking” products.

however, I think, people for the loyalty of apple won’t transient.