Apple developer web site was hacked

apple developer web site has collapsed for a few days. Recently apple official confirmed the site outage from hackers. They explained that the intruder is to get a developer’s personal information. It is reported that apple’s developer site functions primarily for its application (Mac, iPhone, tablet) provide a variety of tools and resources.

for apple’s official statement about the matter below:

on Wednesday, our developer web site was attacked by hackers. Although the core of user information cannot be stolen by encryption, but we still cannot determine the individual developers name, email address and other personal information is leaked. For the principle of information transparency, we hereby confirm the authenticity of the news, and to remind developers to protect their personal information.

in the things happen on the second day, we have closed the developer web site, and has been working around the clock for site safety maintenance. Apple will to upgrade the site service software, in addition to restore the relevant database. Thus the inconvenience caused to you and your company, I, on behalf of the company all staff to you sincere apology, and we guarantee that will make the site returned to normal as soon as possible.

while the attacks and guest may cause certain information leak, but for ordinary users, apple basically do not have any effect. But, the timing of the matter is not so good, it is apple’s iOS7 beta version, the new Mac operating system optimization of the key nodes.