Apple confirmed on September 10, a new iPhone release conference in headquarters, special conference held in Beijing on September 11th

according to foreign technology media TheVerge reports, apple has confirmed that due to 9 on 10 apple iPhone meeting. Previously, the company has just issued the invitation to the participants. It is reported that the meeting will be over the Atlantic ocean at 10 point, apple headquarters in cupertino.

after, apple will be released at the conference of the iPhone 5 s and cheap version the iPhone 5 c . Where the iPhone 5 s will be black, white, yellow (champagne), 4 kinds of color. In addition, the the iPhone 5 s also configuration 1200-1300 than megapixel camera, as well as double flash. Rumors about the fingerprint recognition, so far, we still not sure whether will appear in the the iPhone 5 s . And more attention is the iPhone 5 c . It is reported, this phone will have a variety of colors to choose from.

the upcoming release of a New generation of apple mobile phone, will carry the iOS 7 system.

meanwhile, part of the science and technology media is expected, apple will hold a special meeting, in order to release the new device.

in addition, apple also made an unprecedented move: ten o ‘clock in the morning on September 11, was held in Beijing international phase iii special activities, invited guests this time arrangement at apple headquarters release time 1 o days 10 o ‘clock in the morning (Pacific time) about nine hours later, so could be a designed for China to set up independent release and experience will activities such as the next generation iPhone. The activity of invited guests only, do not open to the public. Chinese invitation letter is as follows:

this action shows the extreme focus on the Chinese market, while apple market share in China is rapidly shrinking), is also provided.