Apple apologized to Chinese consumers update after-sales service terms

in the official Chinese media criticism for many Times, apple sincere apology, and update the China customer after-sales service terms. The level of customer service beyond the vast majority of electronic manufacturers domestic service levels, also beyond apple terms of service in other countries. Cook’s commitment to reflect enough sincerity. Tim Cook apologize to the full text:

to respect Chinese consumers a letter

to respect Chinese consumers:

in the past two weeks, we received a lot about Apple maintenance and warranty policy feedback in China. We not only deep reflections on these opinions, together with relevant departments to carefully study the 3 regulation, also look at our maintenance policy of communication, and combed the we are Apple authorized service provider’s management practices. We realize that due to insufficient in the process of foreign communication thought Apple of arrogance, don’t care or do not take the consumer’s feedback. For the consumers for any concerns or misunderstanding, our sincere apologies.

in order to further improve the service level, we are implementing the following four major changes:

, improve iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4 s

, the Apple web site maintenance and warranty policy is concise and clear description

, intensify efforts to supervise and train the Apple

, to ensure that consumers can easily contact Apple by the feedback service related question

at the same time we also realize that about operating in China and there are many we need to learn to communicate. Here, we assure you that Apple commitment and passion for the Chinese and other countries. Bring the best user experience for consumers is our ideal and satisfactory service, is our commitment, it has been deeply rooted in the Apple the company culture. We will make unremitting efforts to achieve this goal.

iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4 s maintenance policy to improve the content is as follows:

, iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4 s all repairs to one of three ways: such as from the date of purchase, 15 days after found the problem, we will refund or replace a enjoy for consumer to recalculate the 1 years warranty iPhone ; Such as 15 day after found the problem, Apple replace related parts according to the specific circumstances, such as camera module or cells; If the replacement parts or quick fix iPhone , Apple will provide consumers with a part of the repackaging of equipment, using New components, only keep consumers existing iPhone 4 or the iPhone 4 s back cover.

to 90% the customer satisfied with our service, and customer satisfaction is Apple the most important measure of its own success.

but also some people proposed that some repackaging maintenance way near the machine to replace, and so directly to replace a device will be more benefit for consumers. Therefore, since the 2013 , 4 , Apple to iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4 s service pack upgrades for all equipment to replace with New parts and from the date of changing recount the 1 years warranty.

such as consumers’ iPhone 4 or the iPhone 4 s have been