Apple announced the iOS version share: no fragmentation problem


App Store App Store 93% of users have to use the latest iOS 6 system

apple in last week’s worldwide developers conference (WWDC) announced that the App Store App Store 93% of users have been using the latest iOS 6 system. This week, the company again in public web site developers issued such a graph. Google has been using the same way, report the version of Android fragmentation.

apple released figures showing that developers now need to focus on the latest version of iOS. At the same time also hope that apple iOS 7 after the release can gain popularity rate similar to that of the previous.

at the moment, fewer than 1% of App Store users still use earlier than iOS 5 system version. Apple released in October 2011, iOS 5, the system only 6% users still use the current version. In 2010 published the first generation of the device and released in 2009 the best iPod Touch can upgrade to iOS 5.

Google previously, according to a report by the end of June, most of the Android devices still use in the winter of 2010 released by the Android 2.3 “gingerbread” system. The version of the share was 36.5%. In addition to 4.8% of users in the use of version older systems. Using Android 4.0 “ice cream sandwich” system users was 25.6%, the release time and iOS 5. Only 33% of users have been using Android 4.1 jelly bean “system, the release time and the iOS 6 close.

in addition, Google data focus on access to Google Play app store Android devices, and does not include the Kindle Fire, amazon and other market does not contain a lot of China and Google Android devices of service.

Google to update the data in March of this year, in response to apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller (Phil Schiller). Schiller has previously said in an interview with Reuters, “Google’s own data show that only 16% of the operating system version of the Android users in the use of a year, and versions of more than 50% of users in the use of two years ago. This is a big difference.”

Android supporters have long claimed that fragmentation is not a real problem. And with the huge global shipments, Android has more than iOS, become the largest platform for developers. However, Google has failed to release its applications and services to all the Android users.

Google voice assistant service, for example, Google Now need the support of the Android version 4.1. This means that the current 66% of Google Play users are unable to install the application. And Adobe Photoshop Touch applications need the support of the Android version 4.0, so it is only half of the Google Play users can use this application.

Google, some measures in hardware manufacturers and mobile operators have also led to the Android system upgrade is very difficult. Even in Google released a new version of a few months later, the user may still be unable to upgrade to the version of the book. On the other hand, many developers are also beginning to ignore Google for Android to add new features. MobileBurn website said: “Google introduced in Android 4.1 enhanced notifications after more than six months, there are still many applications without this function integration, it’s disappointing.”

the apple company take measures to promote all iOS upgrade to the latest version of the user, so developers will be able to make full use of the new version of the various functions in application, including notification center, game center and Passbook.

for Windows, many users when buying a new computer will automatically upgrade to the latest version. Instead, many Android manufacturers still use the old system in the new product. For example, Verizon wireless many mobile phone of the current sales are still using the Android 2.3 system, including the HTC Rhyme, LG Lucid and Spectrum, casio G ‘zOne Commando, and samsung Stratosphere. Users need to understand the system version, because most of the mobile phone only marked “Android” system is adopted.

Verizon wireless is not only a company to do so. In fact, the only a few Android mobile phone with the latest version of the Android system. Even after the “jelly bean” issued last summer, many new cell phone is still only pre-installed system “ice cream sandwich”.

as a comparison, apple is not only free to all users at the same time to provide the latest version of the iOS, at the same time also make sure that the hardware can support in the past two years, the latest edition of the system. Apple can’t sales with the old iOS hardware products. In addition, the company still continue to support the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 launch in 2010, when the Android 2.2 or a new system. The phone still can upgrade to iOS 7 this year.

in 2011, Google launched “Google promotion alliance” plan, ensure the new Android phones in the 18 months to upgrade to the latest edition of the system. However, the plan failed before the end of 2011.

source: sina science and technology