Apple announced that it would not announce the iPhone 5 c bookings

apple recently announced that they will not release the iPhone 5 c market bookings.

for nearly three years, apple has been proud of past dynasties iPhone bookings, and often will to hype. 2010 years, apple announced iPhone 4 24 the number of scheduled hours than the 60 . Since the published iPhone the booking situation seems to become another one of apple’s marketing weapon. Last year, in the the iPhone 5 ( 24 hours break 200 book), the strategy of apple again for all of the people’s attention.

in contrast, apple shares fell again, apple shares fell yesterday 2.09% , the 455.18 $). All foreign science and technology media ThingsD think, apple shares fell and not released on a reservation has boosted the market data, another reason is that China’s operators to stop selling the iPhone 5 , as well as domestic contracts, the price is higher than the foreign contract machine).

as long as the user login now apple’s official website, the first thing you encounter is the iPhone 5 c the colorful pages. Apple impressively write on official, all styles of the iPhone 5 c in 9 on 20 day release. However, before a New iPhone the issue is not the case on time, is likely to be one or two days later than the scheduled date.

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