Apple acknowledged that hand sweat could lose iPhone 5 s fingerprint identification function of the response

yesterday, in an interview with the Wall Street journal in an interview, a spokesman for apple acknowledged that if the user’s finger has the liquid such as sweat, Touch ID ( the iPhone 5 s the fingerprint recognition) sensor can’t response is likely to happen.

in addition, the spokesman also said that the scars on his fingers will cause certain obstacles to the fingerprint recognition. However, due to Touch ID has the identification function of multiple fingers, so users can choose to use other fingers for identification.

at the same time, an apple spokeswoman also emphasized, the iPhone 5 s the fingerprint identification, not copy the user’s fingerprint pattern. It will through the information collection, the user’s fingerprint information is converted to data, and integrated in the A7 processors, rather than up .

but some people worry, once the the iPhone 5 s data leakage, then the user fingerprint information will also suffer invasion. To this, the iPhone 5 s add a special function: when is reroot , or 48 hours without unlocking, the iPhone 5 s will ask the user to enter a password when starting mobile phone.