Apple 5 big ideas “plagiarism” Google, Twitter, Microsoft

Beijing time on June 11, according to foreign media reports, early this morning Beijing time, apple WWDC developers conference, and to upgrade the iOS and OS X. If you feel that the iOS and OS X 7 giant looks a bit familiar, then produce the feeling is not illusion, there may be at least five reasons why – apple to learn from others’ ideas, and then do better than they are.

apple WWDC keynote of the conference, fixes up and launched music subscription service, and then with almost all of the quasi materialized design (Skeuomorphism) break, it makes them compared to contemporary rivals, seems to be no different.

to detail design, those who have been focused on the interface will be found that both Maverick OS X and iOS 7 design, in fact is not new. Apple’s latest software, on the Windows 8, Android, the shadow of this project. But it is also supporting the late apple CEO Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) that was quoted by the media countless sayings, “good artists borrow, great artists steal from.”

the back half of the article, summarizes the five copy of apple’s latest software update, where they do better:



birthplace: Microsoft Windows Vista “Aero”


when see flat iOS 7, the user first socialist morality, may be the main screen icon in the original plastic glossy disappeared. Chat called iMessage — are no longer a bubble interface, all the buttons, 2 d has been experiencing a redesign.

the second thing you notice, may be in the design of the use of transparency. The menu Command Center, like is printed directly on the glass. At the same time, your desktop and application in the background of fuzzy – still there, but there is no previous less noticeable.

skills as the arrival of the first, may be in the Microsoft Windows Vista transparent interface, but because it requires a powerful graphics card and controversial, notorious (many even had to close it, in order to ensure the normal operation of Windows).

but in terms of function complete, the two companies have very different. Use transparency, Microsoft offered users a gorgeous 3 d, and the apple is skillfully using it, highlights the depth of the “flattening” interface. Effect is humanized, photos of friends or children underneath, again hone the image of minimalism.

2. Dynamic wallpaper

birthplace: Google Android


in Android, it’s ugly is incredible – in addition to an amazing function, that is the unique wallpaper. In fact, this may be a poor design choice, will conflict with the icon, and to separate the line of sight of people from the user interface (are people really need this cartoon? . In addition, it joined, let Android this bad battery life, further fell sharply.

as today, apple’s iOS 7, and not fully embracing the dynamic background, but has very good promoted the weather screen – this may is one of the biggest characteristic of this kind of wallpaper. And, more importantly, the apple with a subtle way, let the homepage animation effects: Parallax watch (Parallax Viewing). When you hand phone Angle change, you also can appear from the point of view of change, this means that you can see the icon around even at the bottom of the picture.

Google hopes, wallpapers, let look deep-themes desktop. And iOS 7, it has brought to changes in the view of the response parallax main screen.

3. Multitasking card design

birthplace: Palm


the Palm Pre is a good phone, but few people buy, no takers, it even has hired a lot of apple’s own designers, engineers, to build – hope to solve the problems of old iOS. Reform of the Pre, the most popular is multitasking, bring a series of application card, the user can be used to turn from left to right.

to be honest, this is probably the most obvious iOS design promotion (E-mail application gestures, perhaps second name). Apple does not need to bring so much to redesign the sense. But who CARES? You see, it is people in the best way of multitasking on mobile devices.

4. Desktop cloud applications

birthplace: this


in the Google I/O is done, I’ve been using Google this. I believe that this product browser, cloud application software, the propaganda.

the apple OS X on the giant, the effect of this is clear. Apple to many applications, including iWork onto the browser, where every change synchronization to the cloud. You can even open the iWork on PC, and because of this setup, the user can get the same iWork and Mac user interface.

like a in 5 to 10 years, to create the most iconic car company, apple quietly dressed application in the packing of the cloud, but also solves the apple’s most intractable problems: how to across the desktop, mobile, step with the user’s application. Now, it is right for a design leader? I don’t know. However, big companies prefer this way, because when it works, make a big change will not bring hair flood of consumer complaints.

5. Tags and Tabs (labels and TAB)

birthplace: many


tag (Tags) by Twitter, Opera, firefox also let TAB design to popular. Although both have different user interface elements, but they are at the time of birth, have the same intention: in the Internet age, how to let the user, the information of the explosive effective sorting – because they need to chew content may have more than the upper limit.

to OS X Finder to add the label, and use the TAB group desktop applications, apple will be the most subtle and powerful Internet two tools, onto the table. If you are thinking about such a fact that cloud applications for apple more and more important, so clearly apple is this for ourselves to set up the scaffolding, worship of this kind of product users, may be as much a Macbook.

design, stealing is a good thing

after browsing this article, people are likely to apple. After all, this is a once brought “double refers to Zoom” (Pinch to Zoom) patent creative company. But doing so may be biased.

say the truth, apple early adopters are not used to do the market, will not bring any new technology first. It even stole the GUI from Xerox (Xerox). For decades, apple is good at, it is all right the right part of the design to improve, improve, and put them in the correct position. Apple may be selling the products in its own unique way, as they used to make sure the user, low energy consumption of the hard disk drive, the greatest invention is a portable music player. Because in the hands of apple, the design of discrete and messy “etude”, to be able to play “symphony” of the products.

source: tencent technology