Apes question bank rebuked suntech institutions play “rogue marketing”

well-known education product apes question bank today “cow”, scold old education company suntech play “rogue marketing” agency, violation of their interests.

“suntech institutions you fucking in baidu keyword malicious purchase” ape question bank “and refers to the website, and ashamed face? You learn at ceibs EMBA class @ the peng is the business logic? This’re incapable no basic moral standard of enterprise still don’t get education, industry and perpetuated this misunderstanding.”

Apes question bank marketing director ShuaiKe issued such a furious attacks.

cloud network connection ShuaiKe hunting, he says, suntech question bank purchase ape keywords, and then refers to its website, this is typical of rogue marketing, belongs to the’re incapable.

it is understood that the ape question although started late, but it is very famous.

this weibo also sparked heated debate, weibo celebrity David feng then responded “ask you a serious question: similar to this keyword by rivals to buy, if there is any legal means can do to protect themselves?” Lawyers you yunting involves legal issues also responded: if there is a registered trademark, the rival tort liability shall be investigated according to trademark law, not a registered trademark, the can shall be investigated for responsibility according to the anti-unfair competition law.

cloud network connection hunting suntech institutions, chairman of the canopy, as of the time, hunting cloud network did not get any reply.

the personage inside course of study, according to this event, the baidu neglected.

baidu promotion then respond ShuaiKe said: you mentioned the promotion information is a violation of the provisions of the baidu promotion related we have start the relevant investigation, ascertained that will be offline processing as soon as possible. Baidu ban with counterfeit trademarks in the promotion of creative enterprises, or to attack to denigrate rivals or malicious.