Ap Twitter account was black hair Obama injury false news

ap’s official Twitter account today is black, the hacker publish a false message: “the White House launched two explosions, Obama was injured”. The news caused the U.S. stock market turbulence.

Russia RT television reported, according to the Associated Press on Tuesday’s official Twitter account was black, and publishing false information, hackers are “the Syrian electronic army”, the whole process of only a few minutes, several media reprinted the false news.

ap spokesman confirmed that the account was black. False news, after a few minutes to be forwarded 4000 times.

although time is short, but the stock market to respond quickly. The dow Jones industrial average fell 130 points, and then quickly recover to 14700 points.

the ap (Baker, Michael Baker) in weibo, said: “we received a disguised phishing emails, less than an hour account was dark.” This may explain the hacker is how to get the account.

the ap also certified by other Twitter, said: “the ap account is black, the attack on the White House is wrong.” White House spokesman Jay Carney (Jay Carney) is regular press conference on Tuesday, said: “the President is very good, I saw him a moment ago.”