Another dual current co-founder and CTO critically ill cancer after treatment

on July 26, hunting cloud network news, Russian search engine another dual co-founder and chief technology officer (CTO), the plug gallo has (Ilya Segalovich) coma after cancer treatment. On Thursday, another dual confirmed the news.

at first, there are media reports said gallo is dead, but then another dual spokesman told the media, plug gallo is still alive, but has been in a coma, and no brain activity (equivalent to rely on the equipment to sustain life, such as nutrients and oxygen mask for life).

another dual CEO Mr Rhodes (Arkady Volozh) said in a statement: “Ilya is a good friend in my life, lose him is my big losses. Ilya huge contribution in the establishment and growth of another dual. More importantly, he is a man with kindness, his charity donation has helped many children in need. I and all the family of another dual colleagues will together with Ilya family through this difficult period. Ilya establish excellent technical team will inherit Ilya ideal.”

plug gallo was born on September 13, 1964. Since 1990, gallo has successively and Arkadia CompTek company, main research direction is information retrieval technology. Create another dual together with walter rhodes in 1997 and served as another dual CTO and director.

another dual network search engine occupies 61.7% of Russia’s market share, in the domestic possession of absolute dominance than Google. Plug gallo has also blocks in March this year the collective sale one of the executives, at the time of sale, a total of $607 million. Plug gallo has an interview with the media said, in April, has been planning the sale proceeds to charity. After selling 200000 shares, as of March 31, 2013, plug gallo in another dual company stake of 2.5%, or about $255 million.