Announced blackberry will be released for emerging markets BB10 qwerty keyboard smartphone Q5

5 and , Blackberry Blackberry annual congress Live, the Blackberry company announced release BB10 system Q5 (namely before coming from R10 ). Q Q10 also have QWERTY the qwerty keyboard, and have rich color choices, including red, black, white and pink, the overall design feeling more blackberry also consistent business atmosphere lively.

the CEO Thorsten Heins ( toth teng hines) said announced that I know Q5 will have a sale wave boom.”

According to

Heins , Q5 is aimed at emerging markets and development. Think blackberry, in emerging markets, many users may not have computer or laptop, but it need a smartphone, the blackberry will be able to seize opportunities in the emerging markets.

1 day release activity, Heins Q5 will be on the summer through the blackberry global operators network sale, but he did not mention the offers.

it is not clear specifications, but what is certain is the blackberry’s new this Q5 will carry 3. inch touch screen and QWERTY blackberry features extremely the qwerty keyboard. At the same time Q5 used will also be new version of the BB10 system. In Q5 will also Time Shift and Story Maker function, so you can ensure that users in the use of camera good experience. At the same time, the Q5 BB10 system will contain the BBM Video function, the user can make a video chat and screen sharing, apply for business users is particularly convenient.

but the most notable is the Q5 also carry the BB10 Blackberry Hub message center. Through the Blackberry Hub , users can not withdraw from the current under the condition of running the program, quickly see remind all kinds of information, including notification from email and social media platforms, and manage the schedule arrangement.

the following is a CEO Thorsten Heins the content of the speech mentioned:

“blackberry is extremely honored to bring users around the world designated market a new blackberry smartphone Q5. This new machine has the most advanced blackberry BB10 system advantage function, and configure the QWERTY keyboard. Q5 very suitable for enthusiasm self-confident, bold and vigorous young users, and can they play, innovation, share life and keep the communication between each other.

even if traced back to the blackberry is still RIM ( Research in Motion ) age, blackberry has focused on the development of new markets. The blackberry company 7000-8000 m about order, mainly from the Middle East, India, Europe and Africa. This suggests that 7 month, blackberry Q5 will be mainly in the Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America and other specified on sale on the market.