Angry birds developer Rovio revenue doubled last year

(Beijing time) 4 on 3 message, according to foreign media reports, developed a series of angry birds game of Finland game developers Rovio will be released on the same day 2012 years financial report. According to the report, Rovio consolidated revenue last year 1.522 billion euros ($ 1.95 $), increased 101% ; Net profit for the 5550 m euro ($ 7116 m), grew 57% .

Rovio , according to the game by the income and consumption products, driven by strong sales growth 2012 full-year revenue grew 101% to 1.522 million euros. Not before interest and tax profit ( EBIT ) 7680 than the euro 9847 $), 2011 years for 4690 the euro, rose 64% ; After-tax net profit for the 5550 million euros.

Rovio , chief financial officer, HeKe herkko soininen, ( Herkko Soininen ) said: “ 2012 in Rovio another record year. Our revenue doubled, EBIT profit margins of 50% , we are also more than doubled the number of employees, set up new branches and business investment department. In addition, in order to protect ourselves, our partners and our fans, we continue to invest heavily in protecting brand around the world.”

Rovio chief executive mikhail Hyde ( Mikael Hed ) said: “ Rovio from rare phenomenon has became very successful global companies. 2010 years we set the goal of creating an entertainment company, after last year’s development, we are firmly towards our goals.”

all business strong growth

Rovio 2012 years financial performance is very strong. Get great increase in both games and consumer products business, the company’s entertainment business also obtain good development.

2012 , Rovio launched 4 a very popular game: angry birds space edition, the magical alex, “naughty pig” and “angry birds star war”. 2012 , 5 on Rovio the game download total number more than 10 , 2012 , 12 on all platforms of monthly active users achieve 2.63 . By these release, Rovio games business income sustained and rapid growth. The game business is the main source of income paid games, virtual goods and advertising.

consumer products business 2012 annual revenue 2011 in more than three Times, accounting for Rovio total 45% .