Android4.4 exposure: messages and galleries are gone!

recently, Italian Android website exposes a set of photos of the Android 4.4 system. We found that in the picture the prominent change is of a new generation of Android: reduce the black, blue, more transparent design.

we found from the above, the Android 4.4 lock screen mode, the main characteristic is added a camera icon in the lower right corner.

through comparing two version of the system, we see the background of the original list should have a drawer from black to direct use of mobile phone wallpaper. In addition, the original is located at the top of the interface “application”, “widgets,” and “Google Play” and other options and sign also disappeared. But the user can still through the way of the slide switch, see “widgets” interface. In addition, the notification bar in the Android 4.4 system and the background of the system bar are also became transparent.

another prominent change is that the application of the drawer is the distribution of 4 x5 way, and the application icon size is bigger. Also added in the interface of the drawer “pages show” similar to the iphone (located in the Home button at the top of the white dots, prompt the user whether there is no view application interface).

on specific icon design, the new system also made a few changes. Such as “Google” Google “and” Settings “marked by a square into a prototype. In addition, the original “Gallery” (images) mark seems to disappear, because Google is usually arranged alphabetically, according to the application, and Email and Gmail, between the two application did not appear Gallery. However, we find that much in a drawer in a group called “Google Photos” application (may be the original G + Photos updated version, this application is currently Android4.3 can only view the images stored in the cloud). Not in the same drawer application including “Movie Studio”, “Messaging”. Analysts believe that the new Hangouts in the supplementary information function, and thus are likely to replace the original SMS application with the former. Images of the two after the application of fuzzy processing is very mysterious, reported that most likely in the test phase of the new Android native applications.

there are some subtle different homepage interface. Located in the drawer button at the top of the original white horizontal line, is substituted for sliding page tip (a line of hollow white dots). And photos in the drawer button to remove the white around the circle, put on a similar to grind arenaceous glass of circular background.

in addition, the new system user drag and drop an application to the edge of the existing homepage interface, can be to create a new interface (Home screen, xiao yun analysis this could mean that the Android system is no longer restricted to the number of the main interface, the original is 5).

report also pointed out that the Android 4.4 system will also be like Moto X can be voice commands. It is understood that the user can through said, “OK, Google”, to start the Google Now,