Android4.3 exposure: micro update (with overhand video)

hunting cloud network reported yesterday, next week (7.24) and the opening on the Google Event of San Francisco, Google is likely to be released the new Android4.3 operating system. (see) today, foreign technology Android Central media revealed that they had got the Nexus of carrying Android4.3 system 4 (from Google company is said to have bought a staff). The following is a reporter from the website of science and technology after the test of skill material:

the new Android4.3 system code is still of Jelly beans, can be seen from the name, the new system is on the generation of micro update Android4.2 system parts.

1. Dial-up recommendation feature

Android4.3 dial may be the most popular with the users in the recommendations. Users in the process of dialing, the system will according to certain algorithm, automatic recommended users may need to dial the number. But the above function requires the user to manually. In addition, the new system also comes with a dial-up pause function, users can choose to call a number in the process of suspended at any time.

2. Update the camera application

camera application update first appeared in the original version of the HTC One and Galaxy S4, has now been added to the Android 4.3.

4. Automatic wi-fi location locking

Android4.3 in a set, will allow an automatic lock user’s location by Wifi. This means that we no longer have to for some applications, constantly push position detection applications and trouble.

5. Low energy consumption bluetooth (BLE)

the new JellyBean system will comes with bluetooth low energy consumption. The new technology based on bluetooth 4.0, can reduce cell phones in connection with wearable devices produced by energy consumption.

6. More dazzling visual effects

due to the new system with OpenGL (a professional 3 d program interface, referred to as the Open Graphics Library), so it will make the user experience in the game more dazzling visual effects.

7. System kernel update

in addition, the new Android4.3 will also update on some core program in the system. But the specific situation will have to wait until next week’s test of Google Event.

to see those video:

in addition, according to the report of TheVerge and media also got the Nexus of carrying Android4.3 system 7, Google to update some Settings of the device.