Android website appear suspected Nexus 8 equipment: 8 inch screen, more narrow bezel

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, people on the page found a picture of a suspected for a new generation of Nexus tablet. The media as the Nexus of 8 equipment with Android 4.4 system, the screen size to 8 inches.

on the picture, we see a woman with a smile, holding a similar to the Nexus 7 tablets. And Nexus 7 is slightly different, however, the device’s screen size bigger (an estimated 8 inches), and the upper and lower borders and more narrow.

analysts speculated that, given the Nexus 10 has not updated for more than a year, the device can also be as a replacement for the Nexus of 10.

Nexus 7 8 (right) (left) suspected Nexus

according to the past history, Google has never released any “fake” publicity pictures, so this picture is probably a new equipment (because does not exclude the zooming) caused by the error. Google actually this “suggested” marketing strategy, it is not the first time use. In the official video released Android KitKat, we just “happened” found a Google employees hold the Nexus of 5.