Android mobile phone function recover also should have

Android users can locate your missing device immediately! With Google account users will be able to real-time positioning yourself lost the map Android equipment, open ring, even remotely erase data. This service will be accompanied by the development of the Google “ Android equipment management tool “website online, Google has for enterprise users before the tool, the secondary benefit ordinary users.

the remote management tools can be used to manage the Android 2.2 and higher system version of the mobile phone, which means 98.7% Android equipment can use this tool. Google official will also launch a mobile application, to facilitate users.

other from the point of description, the remote management tools need a Google account to run, it is likely to be and Google service. China’s large castrated Google services, can’t add Google account machine may not be able to use a similar service. Let’s wait and see.

until apple users enjoy “ Find my Phone “function, and Android before has not this kind of system level service. Such as HTC , Sony , but the user experience is not good. Fortunately, finally need not for hardware manufacturers, Google’s time!

this service is currently testing, it is appropriate to meet with all mobile phone users is unclear.