Android hand has been stretched to north Korea, north Korea tablet running Android system, also with the angry birds! (video reviews)

, hunting cloud network reported that the . Today we are going to see Android what developed to the point: it even occupied Korea market! Market share about 100% ?

a company called website published on a “made in Korea” tablets – Samijyon assessment. Let’s take a snapshot of the truth.

this tablet is a claim to be called “ Michael “traveling in north Korea spent 200 $to buy. The quality of tablet is shocking. Although it has no Wifi connection (Korean households do not have permission to access to the Internet), but can be connected to north Korea’s domestic mobile network.

hardware configuration 1.2 GHz I don’t know a few nuclear CPU , memory, memory score 8 g/16 g two kinds, the screen resolution 1024 x768 , 200 than megapixel camera, weight 250 g.

this tablet carrying is Android system ( Android 4.0.4 ), the system language is Korean alphabet, such as Gmail , Google Play Google services, such as, of course, was completely removed. These pre-loaded with multiple game: seemingly piracy Angry Birds Rio and the fish’s got talent “( Fishing Joy ), etc.

the tablet and antenna, could be spent watching TV.

even more interesting, also with the “theme” in tablet application ( Juche Study Books ), help flat owners conscientiously grasp the theme, closely united around the great leader, for the construction… (the omit N best words)

no video to MAO’s evaluation! Come, we see fit video together: