Android 4.4 system spy exposure: text messages, such as dial button design more flat, relaxed

(editor: Chen yu)

over the weekend, the foreign technology media exposure to 9 to5google a few claim to be Android 4.4 (KitKat) photos. From the picture we found as a “micro” innovation system version, Android 4.4 on design style were redesigned.

first of all, the color of the status bar in the new system become more relaxed, shallow weak, and you can also with the different applications of running, change the color is not the same.

second, SMS application major changes have taken place. Look from the original smile into three horizontal lines. Open the message after application, the text toolbar (new, search, setting) from the bottom was moved to the top.

once again, the design of the dial key to become more flat. We found that the dial background color from black to white. At the same time, the call button becomes more prominent.

it is understood that the photos of the media exposure Android 4.4 system, also in Google video first found suspected of Nexus 5 devices. Since then, the media also exposes a series of claims to be the Nexus 5 pictures, video, and the Android 4.4.

after several foreign science and technology media reports, Google will launch the Nexus in October 5. The device with Android 4.4, Xiao dragon 800 quad-core processors and 5 inches hd screen.