“And” formal debut! Mr. Lu emphasizes to fully embrace the Internet

on September 23, alibaba group, a new generation of the quiet operation for friends interactive platform “and” formal appearance. This is alibaba group announced the formation of a new network communication department, after the first foreign core level at the group project, the company’s first is not charged, gene network products. According to alibaba group CEO Mr. Lu’s position, the company will jump out of the field of electricity, fully embrace the Internet.

in fact, going back and forth inside the ali has been low-key preparing for nearly 2 years, and was launched in April last year. In the near future, ali of social strategy to upgrade again, and the organization structure and the adjustment and deployment of the business sector on a large scale, announced the upgrade wireless business, a new network communication group, by “flourishing letter” and “and” business, the business is in command personally Mr. Lu.

with friends product positioning is a interactive platform, is mainly based on the relationship between acquaintances. In addition to conventional text, voice, picture, location also supports burn after reading, talking pictures, cluster, 500 group of National People’s Congress, and other functions. Not only that, ali also plans to VOIP Internet phone function was introduced in this year, is currently in private beta, and does not rule out and carriers, users can use the account speak directly.

although the market has WeChat letter and two products, but from or into the fierce competition in the market. Mr. Lu said, is not only a mobile end products, but also a interactive platform for individual users of a new generation of friend, this product will bring people’s social, life and consumption and so on different application scenario for the link. This platform will be on the ali large user base, and billions of mobile phone users taobao and flourishing letter interaction between demand and create new wireless application scenario.

Zou Mengrui, says the next will also apply a series of high quality life service, ali’s access to the platform, including the sweep of the industry’s most advanced code comparison tool a local life services such as tao tao, taobao will every bits of bit, pay treasure to APP access to come in, the future will also be open to the outside world. In the long run, in addition to social mobility, and will also be integrated into more and more social and life scenes, all aspects of service users.

registration transactions account users will be able to get free ali cloud services. For like different users, and is ready to been given free map gift bag, Zou Mengrui revealed that at present and has hired one of the most famous domestic animation designer map expression, by the end of the year is expected to launch at least 240 sets of free map expression, give users more choice. In this regard, WeChat is mostly about charging mode.

Zou Mengrui revealed that the group will be the product reserve enough technical and marketing resources, to make it better meet user needs, for ali group’s existing stock of hundreds of millions of users to provide better friends interactive platform. And what this means is that between mission has bid farewell to pure electric business thinking, trying to shift to social aspects, in order to meet the user’s mobile social demand.

heavily promoted the

at present, the associate has accumulated over millions of users, but it’s not enough for ali, a series of promotional activities. Three days from September 23 to 25, just download the activation “and” account and use group chat, and other functions, is an opportunity to get alibaba sent out “local tyrants gold” IPHONE 5 s mobile phones, ali cloud, rainbow TV box, such as the double chromosphere lottery prize.

it was revealed that only three days time, various prizes for users to nearly 10 million the cumulative amount of budget. Including 3000 latest cloud OS phone, 5000 398 yuan worth of cloud OS box, as well as 1 million lottery package.

Zou Mengrui revealed that from September 23 to 25, 200000 to download before every day to and from the client and activate the account of new users can receive a note the double chromosphere of lottery tickets, if the user successfully adding three friends again, will have a chance to get a latest ali cloud mobile phone, send phone every day total 1000 units.

500 people chat group is one of the main features, create and upper limit of 500 top 10 big chat group, group manager to be able to obtain the market price has scrambled to nearly ten thousand yuan of “local tyrants gold” apple IPhone 5 s. And within the group of other members also can obtain the latest TV box rainbow reward.

at the same time “and” collective “fun”, also called for the user new registered users can associate to the team’s official account speak his suggestion, the poking fun at the selected users will have access to the “cloud” ali OS a box, cumulative will have 100 lucky poking fun at the user can winning the prize.