Analytical mobile system pattern: don’t rush to announce who wins or loses

in recent years, the “platform war” has been intensified. Apple, Google, and dying nokia and RIM (blackberry maker) in the war, lose win, development. Once the “king” to today’s “prisoner”. Combing the best way of their respective development, is to focus on their changes in the field of smart phones. Chart clearly shows the above four companies in the smartphone market share:

simple summarize information in the chart, apple’s market share in recent years has always been hovering at 20%, nokia and RIM basic died, the rest of the market share is the Android pocket (calculation is calculated according to Google play Android share, Android can be divided into activated in the chart, and inactive – mainly large Numbers of Chinese trading). The bar chart below also can let you more clearly see the share proportion:

the same data, different chart.

although clear above analysis way, but there is one important drawback: in fact, there is no so-called “smartphone market”. Or it can be said that talking about “smartphone market”, and actually talking about “3 g”, “color screen mobile phone market” no difference. We often use local development to one-sided summarized the overall market performance. We should also fully analyse each the specific growing conditions of the company’s products.

look at this picture, you will be suddenly enlightened? We could see very clearly all the company’s market share is going.

if you are on the two charts, the company has always been a concern, then you will find that the rendered the stuff on the two pictures are different, the hidden behind a lot of “doorway”. For example, in recent years as more and more companies involved in electric cars, Tesla has been a steady decrease in market share in the field. But that’s not the whole story, because you will find from another chart, its market share could also growing gradually.

the whole mobile phone market in the development of “intelligent”. Apple and Android are in rapid development, but the development of the Android more rapidly. Perhaps out of strategic considerations may be out of helpless, apple began full retreat to “high-end” mobile phone market, while the rest of the market share is almost universally was eroded by Android. But don’t forget, now of the mobile phone market or as part of the potential market (and a large part of the) was “the intelligent mobile phone users” and “no mobile phone users” occupied. The following chart to update our understanding of the market:

apple stick to “high-end market” strategy, making its market share and revenue (profit) formed a disproportionate share of performance. At the same time, the truth is the mobile phone market, samsung, the giant’s “squeeze” for many mobile phone manufacturers (OEM) has been on the brink of death. Samsung and apple’s profit is almost equivalent to the entire mobile phone industry’s profits.

look at the chart above, fans may really have to be carried away. They will say this: “cow x, apple only 10% of the products is made in the market more than half of the profits. “Apple is the king in competition, or at least, in the knockout stages of the cruel, apple can still standing.”

well, to some extent this is right. The ultimate goal of all hardware manufacturers are converted into cash earnings, especially apples, they do very well in this respect. But we cannot therefore despise other mobile phone maker, the necessity of existence. If these companies adopt the method of “nation”, then they consolidated strength will be enhanced. Apple and samsung will be on the market affected, of course, this is not to say that they decline.

and, more importantly, the fierce competition between platform is to guarantee the healthy development of the platform itself. Apple’s Mac system in defeat and Microsoft’s competition, it is not be Gateway 2000 (wei jie 2000) or other defeated by hundreds of thousands of PC hardware company.

in other words, for Google and Android, they do not care about the Android mobile phone maker whether how much profit or profit than the iPhone, they can only focus on their Android phone if I can continue to build market share (Android’s market share continue to increase. On the other hand, those who barely profitable Android mobile phone manufacturers will not care too much if Android is higher than the iPhone market share.

in this regard, for Android mobile phone users, we are all about the platform of the market analysis of the data is not too much significance, and also is not a too big measure of value.

change an Angle to think about, it is easy to find, analyze share “smartphones” or “profit share” or “share” platform, we can see some industry development. But the three indicators will mislead you think XXX is a winner. Different understanding of the successful company, the key point of the development of the business is different, so we cannot use an index to unilaterally decide who is the winner. Although Google Android market share is very big, but still can not deny the fact that Google on iOS platform for search is far more than from the Android phones of their own earnings. In view of this complex situation, no one can use a simple chart analysis to the market pattern and trend.