Analysts say baidu acquisition love help hype is the latter

March 19, hunting cloud network news

reports that baidu search is interested in buying local life love for network service providers, the valuation of $100 million. To this, love help chief operating officer Ma Haiping convective cloud network said: let the rumors fly for a while, I don’t respond.

the industry analysts say, love help position is very ambiguous, don’t reject self hype. This personage to hunt cloud network analysis is as follows:

in June last year, is the most lively news about love to help, “the dream silk” the ancestors of Japan, will become love help bus APP, endorsement fee will be to 7 digits. Then the rumor stops, is considered to be love to help self hype.

5 months passed, and revealed the official has won’t open because of business situation, love help network strategic transformation, the theory is that: one, cut thin body, eliminated almost half of the staff; Two, internal tapping, the original flow output increased 300%; Three, focusing on growth, cut down the cost of huge bulk business, pooling resources to develop a new business products “love help complete netcom”. In the third quarter profit and announced that love help network.

is the most important information, when love help network revealed that is looking for a new round of financing.

“love help net short of money! Baidu is now shopping spree, love help network or to take this opportunity to release news from manipulation, in order to attract eyeballs, industry to seek new financing.”

“and I don’t think baidu acquisition love help on baidu business have big supplement, now baidu’s strategy to focus on mobile Internet and PC Internet channel construction.”

but let industry produce lenovo, love help founder liu and li common entrepreneurial experience, served as the first baidu CTO, and baidu has deep roots.