An interview with Google self-driving car of Chinese engineers

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jia-jun zhu is Google best self-driving cars team (Google one of two of the hottest items, another is of course the glasses) core members. While still in the UVA school six years ago, he took advantage of the summer vacation came to Google Street View team practice (Street). By the third week, he finished a new independent improvements based on computer vision, and thus gained in Google’s first patent. Before this, if we want to close to a particular view, only through a given arrow, click on the picture several times time-consuming and inefficient. Jia tuan “click – to – go” to make any point in a figure can become journey starting point. This new feature lets users experience improved significantly; Jia-jun zhu is also very enjoy my masterpiece. Google provides the platform to let him feel the magic of happiness, he fell in love with Google.

I have an appointment with jia-jun zhu meet at Google headquarters in mountain view, I quickly spotted wearing Google Glass jung. He speaks very light, very “southland”. In the starbucks near the terrace we sit down; After the wind, he carefully hello change the interview will be moved to indoor. From poetic childhood when it comes to Google self-driving, jia tuan experience challenging my imagination.

will draw engineer

young jia-jun zhu learnt to seven New Year paintings painting; The sketch, oil painting and watercolor filled his happy childhood. He very like art, also have the support of the family; Home elders, including grandpa will take turns to send him to a fine arts teacher in class. Shanghai outdoor painting contest, national painting competition second prize… Jia-jun zhu interest in natural art, combined with the outside world must let he once considered themselves into a painter; The belief lasted until the teacher’s sudden death.


“it is my life the first turn, if all not happened, I should still be under painting now.” Because then he can’t find a “feel” of the teacher, art gradually fade out jia-jun zhu life. Until one day, he found a book – “100 the greatest invention in history”. Light, good handsome like ac inventor nikola tesla. The controversial invention master let him find a new release carrier of rich imagination, jia tuan wanted to use their power to better the human society.

in Chinese high school ‘Mr. Tuan tuan around, jia tuan wrote a function graphic software, solutions of high school algebra to help themselves. He still fondly imagine would be willing to sell it. “I was in the yellow pages marked by the software company that has I think might be interested in, I send them each a letter, introduce your own software, also use 3 inch disk attached with a copy, the result isn’t going to be a letter (laughs)”.

“play music” bright young fudan

jia-jun zhu got into the computer science department of fudan university. He likes music, at the time when I was a freshman made a musical instrument recognition software on a whim (similar to a musical version of the Shazam) : you play a song, the song inside use instrument software can tell you what, and classifying songs (rock, classical, pop, etc.). Junior, jia-jun zhu formed A team, with several classmates to her original software upgrades become an online music service for people working platform: xiao Ming with the aid of A terminal hum A tune, little red by B terminal hum A tune, the creation inspiration of this work platform aims to bring more musicians organically integrated together, form A complete works. With the upgrade version of the music software, jia-jun zhu and his team members on behalf of the fudan university students participated in the Microsoft “innovation cup global software series, from Shanghai to Beijing, they win as the second President of China. Although no can ultimately represent China to participate in the world, but jia-jun zhu of the whole team are invited to home in Brazil. “To go to Brazil, our whole team are fun and unique sense of accomplishment; Because is the second name is not even match pressure “.

look from the results, good fruits at fudan of 4 years. Papers published in the international academic conference, including Microsoft “innovation cup, n science and technology innovation award, chairman of the Microsoft club Intel, Microsoft research internship, internship, etc., in fact all of these subsequent derived from the beginning of the musical instrument recognition software. Jia-jun zhu recalled his own university life, feel very rich also very happy, “I’m glad the fudan gave me a lot of independent space, four of the first four months I didn’t go to school (laughs), has been in Beijing for Microsoft’s work”.

Meet Google

graduated from fudan university, jia tuan ambitions; He believed that the artificial intelligence can benefit mankind, and further studies at the university of Virginia in the United States. In the international conference on SIGGGRAPH, jia tuan stop to Google’s booth, met Luc (the core of the Google Street View team members). Two people chat with gusto in artificial intelligence, hit it off. Jia tuan talks about his subject in school is based on the analysis of plane photo reduction in the position of the buildings and 3 d structure; In Luc opinion, this happens to fit the needs of Google Street View. He then introduced the Street View to the jia tuan and Google in various dabble in the field of artificial intelligence. In the end, good Luc to jung a name card, also left a good suspense about Google.

after 3 months, completed at the time of the academic subject. He couldn’t help lenovo yourself and Google. Perhaps can use their subject is perhaps in the Google Street View? He sent email to Luc for Google’s internship opportunities. In this way, the noble auspices, second year summer vacation, good jung came to Google internship and stand out in the street project. Manager Luc in first day throw jia tuan, Street View data does not specify what he should do, can let him to do everything; This coke is broken imaginative jia tuan, at the time of the third week, jia tuan surrendered “click – to – go” demo. This project not only help him thoroughly impressed by Google, more let he found an engineer’s confidence. So he made an important decision in life: to terminate, Phd studies at Google to continue his dream of artificial intelligence.

Being Googley

as Google, jia tuan very Googley (internal staff use this word to describe Google’s values and style) : believe in the power of science and technology, with good spirit to create commercial myth. Google X Lab mileage of the Project, including Project Glass, Self – Driving Car, will scream Google in man’s ideal — let the science and technology for the benefit of humanity. Jia tuan proudly told me that Google’s two founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are very open, is also a sense of mission, they are willing to pay for these long-term projects. Under the leadership of the two dreamers, Google is the veritable dreamworks.

as one of the earliest self-drive team members, a little bit of testimony from motorists from scratch, jia tuan for work every day. Although Google’s abnormal working hour policy loose, he is still hard to maintain a balance between work and life, reason is that their “often could not help but to work until midnight” (laughs). Jung said, he also once more than 11 o ‘clock at night in his office pannell Sergey, is that some, two people can also chat on a computer screen for half a day – this is Googley. Today, Google drive cars always has more than 400000 miles, including jia tuan, team members have enough trust drive bring yourself to and from work. Jia tuan’s proudest moment is to see Google’s self-driving cars from three transgressions of Lombard Street (accident, look from the name knew how around) in the real road driving down without any problems. He believes that his efforts will revolution of modern way of life; “At that time, people spent on driving time can be used to make a phone call, work, eat, sleep whatever; By the artificial error caused by traffic accidents will also cease to exist “.



Being Googley also means that believe in the supreme worth, all in accordance with the ‘influence’ (impact). Google’s talent, good good colleagues in various genius, even an Olympic champion. Make this sample, a group of brilliant people with ability in working together harmoniously, Google has a Googley. “Not only innovation can form the impact”. Jia said, in Google, do the most challenge and “Sexy” does not mean the most respected; A lot of trivial things, boring is also valuable, someone must do it. An employee’s influence can be embodied in many aspects, such as easy to develop a tool group, or active shouldered part the most boring tasks, but it can be to realize the function of a new product, to bring more users or profits for the company, and so on. In a semi-annual evaluation, every employee can enumerate reflect her aspects’ influence. These ‘influence’ can be less dominant, independent innovation, as long as there is value to the team with respect to OK.