An interview with Facebook Home project director

Beijing time on April 6, recently, Facebook product director Adam? Mercer in CNET interviewed Mosseri (Adam), he is Facebook, head of the Home. He doesn’t shy away from sensitive issues, such as, why do people mobile phones have become so Facebook, agreed to in the mercer, if don’t want to see the Feed a story, the Home is not suitable for you.

Facebook product director Adam? The mercer

in the mercer also admitted that the Home is not yet complete, for ads placed in the Home, nor “apology” meaning in mercer.

below is the interview:

q: some people say that the Home is too Facebook, who want it? How do you think?

a: we’re a little different. We don’t think it is Facebook, we will it as the content of the users friends. We try to think of some way to put the content of the people in the first. As we said in the conference, the dosage of Facebook: people spend time on the program with 20% on Facebook. If put them also in, you will be more than 25%. Therefore, in our view, people care about friends do what say what, care about their images, where the login.

from this view, is the main content, Facebook a minor. No Logo, no blue navigation bar… Nothing at all. We get rid of the old way, if you don’t want to see the dynamic news, has been the Home may not be well suited to you.

we try to keep it concise and elegant, so there will be a story at a time. You won’t get all the story at a time. Most of the time you open the phone, you check the time, then watch a story. If interested in the story, it is very good; If not interested, just enter the program is as usual. Thus do we think.

(mercer plan in “Cover Feed” and “Like” (great) content block between put some lovely voice. In the Facebook Home conference, mercer said he couldn’t demonstrate sound.)

q: can you talk about the sound?

a: only a small amount of voice, not too much. When you use a personal profile picture there will be some different voice. We are for the use of sound very cautious, because voice use can interfere with the user. We want to experience to make users happy, hope to experience the humor and interesting, can prompt the user “Like”. Sometimes, the voice can bring benefits, if excessive use of will be annoying. When you open the program or open information, there will be a click sound.

q: you tested?

a: all that allows the user to test, but about “whether you like the sound of” problem haven’t tested. We made two different things. We do a lot of different things, but there are two things most important. We will be a normal user test… Come in and then use the product for customers, we learn where pain points, what works and what doesn’t. We also tested our Dogfooding efforts “, this is an internal call method, sounds a bit scary. We let the staff for a long time use the software. Every 2 to 3 months, we make a staff group, about 100 people, let every day they used on their main mobile phone software.

we get a lot out of good data, they can know how to use the product, how to use frequency, what happened, what did not happen, “Like” is much more, or less. Data available to a team, they provide feedback, what they like and what don’t like it, these people call a spade a spade. We have researchers, they combed all quantitative and qualitative data, looking for patterns. Our every product to be like this.

q: what they don’t like?

a: they don’t like to Cover the content of the Feed is old, the result is holes cause the program can’t show the new content, we repaired. One more thing, if we want to make sure that users read a story, it does not appear again, our product at that time, there’s a leak, don’t know what the user see see nothing, this means that the user can repeat to see the same content.

q: Cover background algorithm is how to Feed?

a: frankly speaking, Cover Feed using the same engine, just a little bit different, it shows a story at a time.

in determining what is more important, the algorithm and the common News Feed. And if you read this story, whether to load the image, using these algorithms. Thus, display is most likely to want to see your story, if there is no picture, it doesn’t load in advance. We will display the content of the loading in advance.

on stories category also has a bit different, there is no story, video or advertising to make friends, these can then be launched.

q: can filter content on new News Feed, in the Home also can?

a: can’t, the future will support. We don’t know whether it is meaningful. But we are always looking for ways to improve products, filtration is a good idea, we will be careful consideration.

q: put ads in Home experience what’s the point? Some people may not want to appear in individual environment, and also want to use Facebook Home, what do you think?

a: we think the Facebook ads to appear on the Home, and in all News Feeds in is the same. We are advertising design and high quality for all Feed product, this is another Feed products, its operation form also should be the same. We will make sure that the advertising with the rest of the story of this story also can match from the aesthetic, the quality level can match, they will be very beautiful, very good.

q: what does that mean ads will appear on the Cover of the Feed on?

a: yes, absolutely. Currently, Facebook Pages brand home page content has been displayed on the Cover of the Feed. Jessica? ORR ba (American actress) is very popular Facebook page, she often use Facebook. If I focus on ORR her, her information will appear on my cell phone. There are a lot of ads on Facebook Pages in the post.

q: “chat heads” will appear in the advertisement?

a: it is not considered.

q: video will launch soon?

a: yes, the video will be good.

q: what is it?

a: I don’t know, we must first clear. Sounds very cool video, imagine that you slide your finger, you can get big and amazing video function. Sliding, can see the video of big shots, there is a button, click, it will enlarge… Cover everything else. If you long press will see map. I isn’t clear, but that sounds this experience is very cool. Less in the News Feed video, pictures, status updates, we have more support of other types of story too much, but a few content in the Feed is the video, we have to deal with it.

q: when to launch video function plan?

a: if the single video launch time, there is no timetable. We will update the Home every month. We are going to launch it first, and then deal with other no launch function, according to the order of priority.

q: what is the function of the next priority?

a: I don’t know, but we have many things to do.

q: can I uninstall Home?

a: you can, even HTC First can be unloaded.

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