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zheng joined Facebook in more than three years, the current Facebook senior engineer. He is USTC stepped out of his, love science computer still dream of being a scientist. He like many good Chinese students step-by-step, from undergraduate to Dr, from China to the United States, and then to a decent engineers work. Look from the appearance, the quadrature in the compasses in sunshine big boy with glasses, hair and clothes; In addition to a look will know that ‘practiced sports fitness, the image of his domestic IT my imagination, engineers did not differ.

south increase during zheng is a Chinese student association President; In that year will usher in more than one thousand Chinese students of universities, Facebook is his contact a variety of student activities necessary tools. He once organized hundreds of Chinese students to 08 Olympic Games torch relay in San Francisco. Proudly, he admits his Alma mater, with a smile is the famous Party School (Party School). In zheng’s view, “social” (social) is must; It is no wonder that, when he finally walked into the myths about the ‘social’.

get into Facebook without standard answer

with all diligence, zheng Facebook to interview prepared a lot of technical problems. But he was most fortunate is that the second round of the interview time has met a problem that he haven’t heard from. His face to come up with solutions to overthrow the interviewer in the standard answer, the increase of the speed of a given in the order of magnitude from n ^ 2 to n * log (n), at the same time, he also proved that the algorithm is transcendence, this let once interviewed hundreds more than an excellent candidate of the examiner has shaken.

on candidates, Facebook’s most important is the person is smart to follow. The interviewer during the interview process will be “leaps” to draw out a seemingly unrelated problem after another, especially for the interviewer unfamiliar field, the purpose is to observe their rapid reaction to new things and thinking ability. In the end, help zheng impressed Facebook is not the knowledge piled up for many years, but from the accumulated wisdom and moments of inspiration. Innovation driven Facebook to find there is such a group of accumulation and smart to the people in the bone marrow, they found zheng, also found a lot of Facebook gene; In this hacker empire of strong social atmosphere, the engineer is the most precious property of Facebook. Want to know, nearly 20% in Facebook’s engineers are from China; They are the product of exam-oriented education. In this sense, for Chinese education and the innovative strength of China’s top students, we have reason to more confidence.

picky zuckerberg

in a Facebook zuckerberg (internal) of zuckerberg, he is the world’s most young trillion-dollar, CEO of the tech world’s most popular, but Facebook’s most demanding users. All say the user is god, if the god to overlap with the boss, the employee hard becomes extremely took it for granted. Zheng told me that zuckerberg Facebook use up; He don’t use email, use Facebook message. He particularly large amount of data, often is the other people all is not a problem, but can always find him; “We are asking, how old he can pick out the problem”.


zuckerberg’s focus and selective is Facebook known inside; Any front desk user related products, he must be checked, nodded to himself. The new version of last year’s Message on the Web before, zuckerberg gave zheng wrote hundreds of advice; He needs a make a zuckerberg satisfaction. So picky zuckerberg let zheng, of course, and any other employees can’t vague, “we have strict of the products is accurate to each pixel”, Facebook UI so is very good. In addition, you might find it hard to imagine, Facebook CEO instead of their own independent office pure openness to office with you (see attached photo); He may never really far away from the programmer this identity, his hacker spirit will always be with you.

Speaking with Demo

one thing on Facebook plan, zheng don’t mouth say don’t write, but by the demo directly for everybody to try and judge. Immediately think of what to achieve, this is the style in the Facebook. Don’t agree with the designer’s original product idea is often the things that a night time, zheng can make the product demo to agree with his idea. “Sometimes, to do the demo process is to overthrow their own process, but it is also a kind of solution. Facebook is the result of the absolute supremacy; No matter how good your ideas, you must be able to achieve that counts; Product is good also for the user experience is determined. So, in Facebook, not based on the discussion of the Demo does not make sense.

zheng also introduces, every month have a night, have a certain activity is called Facebook Hackathon (hackers Hack combination word + + Marathon Marathon), the purpose is to encourage everyone to do anything to improve their own ideas to Facebook. Like last year’s Timeline and 07 Facebook chat is the product of the Hackathon. “This was a good platform, encourage everyone to contribute; Your demo everyone to see, to use and put forward the opinion “.

engineers tired and happy

as a Facebook engineer, zheng not only need to implement the product design, also need to propose the design itself. In Facebook’s idea, he says, any product at the design stage is likely to be thoughtful, especially Facebook such a platform for carrying more than 1 billion users. Engineers in implementing it, have a great opportunity to optimize the design of the product; The engineer’s subjective dynamic and therefore and the final product is directly related to human or not. In the second half of last year just opened in Facebook Message new interface side by side, and the optimized Message search by zheng, he is involved in the product design or implementation of the product realization. “Actually each project has two or three, three to four engineers and a UI engineer, but Facebook to the engineer’s right is very big, our team design what advice can be directly according to oneself idea to it, and then to discuss”. Right, of course, the big also means responsibility is very big, but xiao-ming zheng. In many companies, he says, the engineer’s role is to implement a product design, completely don’t have to worry about the so-called “product”, it is designers and product managers; But on Facebook, “product” is also a part of engineer job, this is the place where zheng admire most about Facebook.

in addition, the right to Facebook engineers also reflected in what they can choose their own projects. Every six months a Hackamonth: engineers are free to choose to join a new team, try some new areas; If like can stay to do for a long time, I don’t like can return to the original team.

Facebook not young?

it is said that Facebook is no longer cool, no longer sought after by young people. When I asked zheng about this question, he bluntly told me, “the average Facebook now use in the age of 40, we become more and more tend to take it as a social public relationship management system generally need ‘relationship management system”. Like Linkedin, sets and bursts of these focus more social networks are valuable, people will need these more detailed social information for a long time, but they are more like leaves, and Facebook is main: family, friends, colleagues, know, want to know the people, even people who want to avoid, Facebook is you the most complete diagram.

the Facebook ‘mature’ today, it will have “social” into an ecology. More and more similar to sets a new generation of social network to join in the innovation ecosystem, would explain Facebook’s success. Facebook now has more than 1 billion active users. Now and in the future, Facebook will pass already master data information, according to the needs and requirements of different people derive some independent App. Zheng believe that Facebook will surely create some relevant products again impressed young man. And in his view, the value of Facebook has too much remains to be digging, everything is just a matter of time.

source: sohu IT