An email revealed: “run away start event insider revealed”

hunting cloud network received an email today noon, entitled “the insider revealed starting point departure events”, and the storm cloud network reported qidian hunting today apparently have a close relationship. Prior to verify it, intact, hunting cloud network does not make any comment.

here are revealed the full text:

the starting point to split, the attacks as a cross the bullet’s thunder swept through the whole article, as a starting point for hardcore readers , the starting point and the internal staff and some communication, more or less from the various channels to understand some of the incident, to report the meet flames rising heart of gossip on the BBS.

1. plan has long divided

forum had several Revelations that starting point may be obtained at the beginning of this year big four, after a promise of a vc started planning division. And from the point of view of I get the message, as early as last year, just as a starting point the personage inside course of study in the big four have received venture capital, in the use of the venture capital operation. Shanda literature management also heard the news, but just at that time the ears, the adults did not show, unable to reason if convicted.

at the beginning of time, the wind words, after confirm with wu, wu said no such thing at all. Period, shanda literature and high-level Ceng Hewu confirmed that, whether really want to leave. Wu’s reply is always won’t go. Until yesterday, that is, 3 6 day morning, starting point for a large number of people at the same time to ask. Starting point in hangzhou during the annual meeting, starting from the big four have under the hands of senior editors confirm whether to follow his leave. So xiao-qiang hou can only be seen within the open letter said: “at the same time I hope you in the future will also be able to abide by the professional spirit and business ethics.”

from this point, the starting point of four giant do indeed work ethic. Plan to already a long time before, and denied in the back. Wait for everything, at the same time to “is not convenient to work, go home to raise children” excuse for went to the market in April to shanda literature ( ) time to resign. In the emotion to reason, is the lack of ethics behavior. Can of walk, may go righteousness is words, even in good contact buyers (vc) after his arrogance, ironically, but is in after the departure of repeatedly denied himself, and since a slap in the face of a time when the collective in listed company, take the author resources, not mess, not forecast. It may appear slightly sinister and by hook or by crook.

2. what is so-called copyright barriers?

before have been talking about shanda literature copyright barriers in the BBS. What is the so-called copyright barriers? Ie, I put the kind of their own food for sale, entrust a third party to help me no longer sales charges 5 fee into even more channels. From this point, shanda literature have confidence in their own channels, the matter of shanda literature, starting point and the author’s point of view and the fight against piracy is good, but the so-called copyright barriers become the speculation that the starting point of the cause of division, is a wrong idea.

others say big monopolies, the so-called copyright barriers are doing is adverse to the industry practice, instead, other platform before because the content of the grand transportation lost its ability of hematopoietic, that cause the platform there are big content with a troubled – anyway, I just responsible for making money with content into each year. And after shanda broken supplies, crisis awareness would lead to the platform to develop their own author, digging more and better content and new authors, and the platform and the author even industry is an opportunity.

3, the starting point of runescape

point originated from the grassroots, originated in the killing of fantasy and XianXia manipulated. His runescape flavor is very thick, editing internal meeting often shout out “lucky to carry, unify river’s lake” slogan. Even on the starting point of t-shirts have the slogan. The old people in the river’s lake breath became a barrier to start, and big takeover did not remove the share jianghu breath, makes the starting point is more like a castle, invulnerability of people in the castle with the vision to see the hostile acquirers any move. Starting point is said to be four giant is already doing things tube during work, play computer games, the Internet is their work. They put the thing to his backbone editing carte Blanche processing. Starting point four giant head start, she is my one hand raised children, even if have sold their own children to a grand, but the heart still think it is big acquisitions led to the separation. So just can have what I said in the first such cruel even to destroy the company four years after all staff efforts are listed price, also want to put my children to strangle in the womb. Can’t get myself, others also don’t want to, regeneration, and it is a big deal anyway he had personally pick In addition to the uterus packed away.

here I want to say, although the starting point of development had big four great contribution and pay, have a starting point for the editors of sweat and toil. But in the capitalization of the society, if there is no grand capital injection and acquisitions, can start the survived to the present, and even become industry leaders.

4. right game

here have to boast about the starting point of the big four, they sold your child, and humiliation, lurking in shanda literature, is for one day to the lost back. Four giant will soon to create a new site, and wu which group of people want to holding to the new website. They are not able to reside under. Her usual savings already a long time, and they think status and rights deprived of all become the seeds. Have to say here, according to the article before world practice, into the third party income is not the author, but shanda literature after the wireless business forming, the wireless first of all, the author divided into income, it is undoubtedly played each website a box on the ear, while the author get more income, but it makes great literature in the article was hatred.

5, the some of the parties to the incident response

Rory leaving

in the 3 6 , published weibo:

left the sky yellow 3 6 , published weibo:

the time division of one of the parties rory after the big four’s resignation speech is incredibly even retain all have no, can’t wait to take over. And division in the big four have begun as early as last year, his this logic is somewhat can smile: betrayed the company, the company listed on the point of collective incitement to resign, but don’t blame the company to retain? In you are the boss of the company, in the face of such employees, whether or not you chilling? Whether also wan to leave? Whether still dare to use? As for the so-called xiao-qiang hou is eager to take over the more ridiculous, xiao-qiang hou is what person? Shanda literature , shanda literature also has a number of years, if you really like rory, so want to do your own starting point, relying on his status and IQ, cannot be separated gradually, slowly break? Must on the timing of the listed companies, forced to go public?

to have such a betrayal and wicked people, will also have their lives, the sky where weibo, let me feel this society is not so pure evil.

6, starting point will die?

starting point, there is a book called “from scratch”, the starting point has a name is the starting point, this sentence is not nonsense, for starting point, every day is a starting point. A complete system of , will not lead to weak because of lack of. Starting point of success is not a great god is not an editing by point niang with perfect attendance feed out of vast author make the author of this vast old small and medium-sized Bai Dou can find the book and the vast number of full-time money to shanda group support! This is a long-term career requires patience. Shanda literature into, also a success. The envy of the people, get rich quick enterprises began planning so divided events together. Starting point but I can responsibly say, don’t die, like adidas Wang Yongyuan into adidas. To be counterfeit and copy than tens of thousands of thousands of readers and the author of the heart that as god road, the sacred mountain.