American technology 11 big conspiracy theories

well, Chinese like to use this procuring to describe the plot, foreigners will often use “Nothing is at it seems” (can be understood as, you can see are representation) to describe. Recently, 11 big abroad well-known blog businessinsider dug up the boldest conspiracy theories. Regardless of the maker of the conspiracy theory what motive, most people still very convinced that their heart is ill.

1. Facebook is invented by the cia

users put all sorts of personal information on Facebook, whereas the cia secretly collect these information from here.

according to said, the government agency DARPA funding information office will give Facebook, but need to user information exchange. DARPA is mainly responsible for collecting citizens of useful information, they will get as much information as possible by various ways, for example, credit card consumption records, ticket ordering via the Internet records, car rental records, medical records, education record, driver’s license, billing, tax records, and so on.

In fact, the central intelligence agency and DARPA has not to finance the Facebook, but the cia’s vc unit In – Q – Tel for a company called Visible Measures of the advertising company, as trading, which is responsible for the In – Q – Tel collect user information from the social network. That is to say, the cia can master the user information, but it is not directly via Facebook.

of course, they only collect user information publicly.

2. The oil and gas company tried to obstruct the promotion and popularization of electric vehicles

any want to make electric cars, pay attention to and the company will incur oil, natural gas, and even the U.S. government’s harsh crackdown. The reason is very simple, if car with electric drive, the the fundamental interests of the oil company was completely touched, and the government’s fiscal sources will be affected by a lot of.

3. The us government HAARP project is said to be a kind of can trigger earthquake energy weapons

the U.S. government’s High Frequency Active Auroral Research project (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), hereinafter referred to as the HAARP, aimed to study space ionosphere by powerful antenna array, the ultimate goal is to improve the radio and wireless communication technology.

but there are also said to have a plot. We know that the natural earthquakes can cause the change of the ionosphere and the magnetosphere, then on the other hand, by the HAARP ionospheric and arouse the change of the magnetic layer, can also lead to natural earthquake. This is a man accused of lars effects of earthquakes.

4. Long life light bulb thwarted entry

“Apollo program” (Phoebus cartel) plot main said that general electric, Siemens electronics manufacturers deliberately bulb light bulb within 1000 hours, the service life of the control and suppression and prevent a longer service life of the light bulb on the promotion and market.

“Apollo program” like a behind, it is hard to grasp, continue to manipulate light bulb market.

5. The U.S. military can let warship stealth

in October 1943, The U.S. navy conducted an artificial magnetic field at Philadelphia’s confidential test – “Experiment” in Philadelphia (The Philadelphia Experiment), The military by degaussing technology successfully put a destroyer and The crew into another space. Then the whole boat covered with a green light, the ship and the crew began to disappear from sight.

6. Research on the government mind control and time travel

apparently, “meng tao g Project” (The Montauk Project) is “The Philadelphia Experiment” we mentioned before, The Philadelphia Experiment) absurd sequel. It is said that the plan research mind control, time travel, and even contact with aliens.

in the 1970 s, the federal government for the so-called mind control technology has carried on the brief experiments, but finally ended in failure.

7. Cheating on the IBM supercomputer is playing chess and Garry kasparov

in May 1997, IBM’s deep blue supercomputer with world chess Garry kasparov, a game machine wins finally. But, IBM supercomputer could win mainly because it is said to have cheated, IBM did this is for the sake of commercial hype.

8. Digital TV set-top box is said to have hidden camera and microphone

to check the set-top box at home, because someone said they discovered a camera and microphone on set-top box, it may be used to monitor the U.S. government national play tricks. Even some said, this kind of set-top box can control the consciousness of the user.

9. Energy free

if someone ask whether energy can free use, believes that many scholars and organizations will be pretty sure that tell you – was, not only theoretically feasible, but also can be done in actual application. However, it is said that all the energy companies and the government are trying to prevent that from happening.

10. Anyone can make a perpetual motion machine in a magnet

magnet magnetic process is very very slow, so why not use it for perpetual motion machine? But, in fact, a perpetual motion machine is against the laws of physics. There is no such thing as a free lunch, if you have, we would have witnessed a perpetual motion machine.

11. Microsoft hide sensitive information in Wingdings font

remember Microsoft Wingdings and Webdings font series? They can let the user through the keyboard of symbols to get whatever they want. However, these fonts series contains a secret was found, anti-semitism information related to the September 11, 911.

when a user in Wingdings and Webdings font type letter “NYC” series, the above will appear on the screen. When use Wingdings font type “Q33NYC”, the picture of a plane into two building looms.

basic to be sure, this is purely a coincidence, but Microsoft or through technical means to hide the information.