American mothers how to use the smartphone?

recently, according to a survey from the global well-known maternal and child site, in the past year American mothers of smartphone usage rose 34% from a year earlier. In addition, 46% of mothers said that they have been very dependent on the use of smart phones. Is more persuasive, when is set as smart devices, can only choose to keep that nearly 7 in the chengdu will choose to retain the smartphone.

smart phone has become the essentials of mothers

the study found that mothers who need has arrived since the degree of smartphones. 90% of respondents said whether shopping, watching TV, driving, cooking in the kitchen, or in bed, they will put the phone.

for mothers, a smartphone is comparable to a “universal tool

since mothers so rely on smart phones, so they all use it to do? The survey shows that more than half of those polled will choose to use smartphones as a tool for entertainment and leisure. Another 38% of mothers will choose the smartphones as productivity tools. Us through below can be found that mothers who fully understand the various functions of smartphones, and to make full use of them. From the basic SMS transceiver and take photos, video, to the health information query and so on, through a variety of application of intelligent mobile phone has become the hands of mothers “multipurpose tool”.

“mother” began using smartphones become spuc little helper “

however, with the change of the mothers “identity”, they use smartphone usage will occur some changes. According to the survey, after pregnancy have children, many mothers will use smart query information about foster care, etc. Especially the mothers-to-be “depend on smart search knowledge spuc etc.

however, mothers or for smartphones than others a more cautious attitude

although the smartphone is dependent, can be found that 17% of mothers think that smartphone is a “necessary evil” (necessary evils). In addition, nearly a third of those polled said intelligent scattered chance they take care of their own energy. It is understood that the figure was 18% in 2011.