American high school girls invented super capacitor 20 seconds to complete charging the mobile phone

Beijing time on May 20, according to foreign media reports, last week in the United States held in phoenix, Arizona, grand prix, the Intel international science and engineering from the California Saratoga an 18-year-old high school girls aisha? Carrie (Eesha Khare) with the invention of a micro energy storage device, won the Intel foundation young scientists award and the $fifty thousand prize.

with Carrie, the invention can take hours to my phone now may be a thing of the past. Carrie invention of this device is called the super capacitor, it can be finished within 20 seconds to 30 seconds on a single charge. This rapid charging device can in a very small space to store a lot of power, and has fast charging and power saving time is long, etc.

Carrie said that this kind of charging device can repeat ten thousand times, and ordinary rechargeable batteries can only rechargeable one thousand times. When asked what inspired her to study the energy storage technology, Carrie said: “my cell phone is easily without electricity, it is very annoying.” In addition, the super capacitor also prompted the Carrie to focus upon the nano chemical – nanotechnology research that many areas has made great progress.

so far, Carrie only using the super capacitor for the LED power supply. However, the invention of the prospect. Carrie thinks, this kind of device can be used in the current very popular mobile phones and other portable devices, let users and their devices can have more time to get rid of the dependence on power socket.

in addition, Carrie said: “this kind of super capacitor also has good flexibility, can be used on the flexible display. Therefore, from this level, it application is wider than normal ones, and has more advantage.”

translation: tencent technology

Update: this report are, in fact, mainly due to the translation process, translators still don’t know English is not good in Chinese is bad, to distort the original meaning.

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