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When the freshman enters Yale University, Mr. Levin says:

“I just published a book that includes the best lectures I’ve done in the last 10 years, including my annual college freshmen speeches that use different metaphors for each of the speeches, based on different literatures. The same message was conveyed on the three whales I wrote, questioning everything, studying hard and thinking independently. ”

During my study in the United States, I realized that this kind of encouragement by students of Yale University to encourage students to think independently and to question all educational concepts has become more than just the educational philosophy of Yale University and its principals. It has become widely accepted and seriously practiced by Americans A kind of educational philosophy. Americans believe that if children are allowed to have critical thinking, they will be able to enhance their ability to think independently and be able to persevere in their pursuit of truth in order to break the human relations and achieve “I love my teacher and I love the truth.”

Humboldt University mentioned above, the nineteenth century Humboldt founded the University established the principle is: academic freedom, freedom of teaching, learning freedom. These three principles had had a significant impact on the higher education in the United States. For the history of the United States, Humboldt University had followed the example of learning German education and reforming education in the United States. Nowadays, higher education in the United States has also formed the three A principle:

Academic Freedom

Academic Autonomy

Academic Neutrality

The United States education, an independent thinking, questioning everything and daring to create an innovative spirit, is already the long-awaited and accepted social education soul of the United States.

The second girl “job dead”: family education and training urgent
Preview May 20, microblogging users lead a strong message of concern. A father working in Hangzhou found his 11-year-old daughter copy homework, dragged her daughter to the shed, hang up and hit, after playing, his father left himself, and after a half-hour came back and found her daughter is not fast It’s Later, his father hurried to the hospital. However, it is regrettable that the girl eventually failed to be rescued and declared dead on the afternoon of 20 days. (May 21, Modern Gold News) On May 20, 11-year-old girl was killed by her father because of the plagiarism in the warm atmosphere of “I love you”. This is a family tragedy, but also a social tragedy. In order to let more parents know how to educate their children, in order to make the tragedy no longer repeat itself, the implementation of family education and training is urgent. Admittedly, many parents do not know how to be good parents now. Nowadays, many young parents, many of whom grew up in the context of family education that is not scolding or scolding, have virtually accepted the influence of their parents on their own ways of education and are thus inevitably rude on the issue of educating their children . There is also a considerable part of the children have a demanding mentality, requiring their children “must not make mistakes.” There are still some parents because of working life and other reasons neglect of children management, laissez-faire. Unfortunately, there are very few specialized agencies and organizations in the community that guide our parents in solving the many puzzles in educating their children. Family education and training lack of serious, not alarmist. A father puts a heavy hand on a child’s plagiarism because not the father does not have love, but the father does not know how to love. Our society has a responsibility to let every parent know … … [Read full story: girl “homework dead”: family education and training urgently]
Chapter 3 China also needs “rich education” Tan Chuan Bao
Preview – Obara Kuniyoshi’s Fostering Thought and Its Realistic Significance Obara Kuniyoshi (1887-1977) is a famous educator known to the world in modern and contemporary Japan. He integrated the philosophy of East-West education and put forward the theory of holistic education with the aim of realizing the values ​​of “truth, goodness, beauty, sanctity, health and wealth”. Among them, the “rich education” (Fusu education) not only for Japan at the time, but also for today’s education in China has a very important enlightenment significance. How to educate the younger generation on the concept of wealth and teach them to correctly view, use and create wealth has now become a “compulsory course” urgently needed by Chinese schools in today’s era of material prosperity! Education must be absolute “holistic education” Kohara Kokunori believes that “there are six aspects of human culture, namely, knowledge, morality, art, religion, body, life, etc. The ideal of learning is truth, the ideal of morality is good, the art of Ideal is the United States, the ideal of religion is holy, the ideal of the body is healthy and the ideal of life is rich. The ideal of education is to create the six values ​​of truth, goodness, beauty, holiness, health, and wealth. “True, The fourth four kinds of value is called absolute value, the value of healthy and rich is called the means value. “The content of education must include the entire human culture, so education must be absolute ‘holistic education.’ In Ohara Kunimoto’s axiology system, rich education is an integral part of holistic personality education. On the other hand, it is one of the important ways to realize absolute value and complete unification of personality. Therefore, Ohara Kuniyoshi clearly pointed out: “In order to live, we need bread, and in order to make it more effective, we need many means.” “To ignore the value of wealth, spiritual civilization can not be established. Without the development of spiritual civilization, we can not expect the material Progress in civilization. “…… [Full Article Reading: China also needs” rich education “Tan Bao Bao] [American educational philosophy]