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Third, education is the guarantee of social freedom. The pioneer of this advanced educational concept is Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States. This is Thomas Jefferson, the first advocate of this idea in Great Britain, because his influence on American education is far-reaching.

For Jefferson, in fact, Americans and even people all over the world and historians have rated him even more than Washington and called him a democratic fighter who is anti-authoritarian and anti-tyranny; his life-long devotion to tyranny, tyranny to abstinence, freedom, Democracy is longing for no end and for the rest of his life, the United States calls it the “Prince of Freedom,” the “Father of Democracy.” His noble character and lofty realm are of great concern to the freedom and well-being of mankind, and his great achievements Has not only affected the United States but also affected the entire world. It will last forever and mankind will increasingly enjoy the well-being of a civilized system established by his ideological heart. The company is located in:

As a result of his understanding of education, Jefferson devoted his life to the development of education. He was the first person in the United States to propose a complete primary education. He proposed that citizens should fulfill their obligations to complete primary education. Jefferson wrote an epitaph for himself during his lifetime, saying that after I died, I put the engraving of his own coffin on his tombstone without adding a word, which he hopes people will remember. He wrote:

The United States Declaration of Independence and the Virginia Freedom of Religion Act, author of Thomas Jefferson, the father of the University of Virginia, were buried here.

The epitaph is very plain. Jefferson’s magnificent great life is finished with two lines. In the eyes of people, Jefferson, who had been president for eight years and appraised it so much, did three things: two articles, one school. The Virginia Code of Religious Freedom is about 2000 words translated into Chinese and is not written by himself. He is only the lead author, plus one university, and so on. Today it seems that history has proved that the future of mankind will also continue to prove that these three things must never be underestimated. The strength and prosperity that the United States can have today are closely linked to these three things.

Look at the first thing, the Declaration of Independence. This “Declaration of Independence” is an entry into the fight by the United States out of British colonial rule. It chronicles all the misdeeds and atrocities of the British colonial rule in the Americas (the 13 states in the United States) and announces the fact that we ten It is just right for the three states to be independent and just. From then on, the people of the 13 states of the United States, inspired by the Declaration of Independence, started the British colonial rulers with a rather feeble beginning. From there, there was the birth of the United States of America. The value of the Declaration of Independence is far more than that. For the first time in human history, the Declaration of Independence proclaimed solemnly to the world in an official and legally binding form that “we consider these truths to be self-evident: that all men are born equal, that they are The Creator gives them inherent, non-transferable rights, which include the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness …. The people have the right to change or abolish them in the event of any form of government compromising them … ” Advanced concept of human rights. The concept of natural rights and human rights proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence was enshrined in the Constitution of the United States of America and became the consensus of the American public, government and political parties. Since then, “everyone has become equal” became the American dream and became the dream Americans have pursued for more than two centuries.

The second thing is the Virginia Religious Freedom Act. This “decree” laid down the religious and religious policies of the United States so that there will be no major religious dispute or rejection of vendetta in the history of the United States, which is much better than in Europe and Asia. The Middle Ages in Europe have an endless chain of religious, heresy and fire burning scientists. It is in this “Act” that Jefferson stipulated that the coexistence of all religions and religions and the separation of religion from religion would strongly advocate the basic concepts of freedom of belief and religious narrowness. It can be said that such concepts make the coexistence and peaceful coexistence of the American religions peaceful and coexist with justice American religion really became the source of holiness, the source of morality, and became the spiritual home of people. He wrote in the Act: “Fallacies are not terrible, and if fallacies do not allow others to refute, they are terrible.” “If the power of the government interferes with the field of thought, then the government is corrupt.” The “Decree” strongly advocates Inclusive ideology and tolerance are filled with the highest ideals and wisdom of mankind, displaying the great ambition and spiritual realm of a great man and the human virtue of tolerance.

The third thing is to set up the University of Virginia. This is Jefferson’s another masterpiece. In his later years, he was determined to run education and built a school, running around and putting all his mind and body into this school. He personally site selection, planning, construction; personally selected textbooks, school motto, school rules, hired teachers, selected courses. Experts believe that the University of Virginia is still the most suitable place for study and research so far. The beautiful scenery, the natural environment and the cultural landscape blend with one another. With a broad and deep serenity, artistic conception, rich natural and humanistic atmosphere, the harmony between tradition and modernity fully demonstrates Jefferson The ideological realm and educational philosophy.

Jefferson attaches great importance to education, devotion to education, devotion to education in his later years with all his energy and wisdom. Why did he value education so much? He said: “Only a country composed of educated people can remain free.” He believes that he devoted his entire life to anti-authoritarianism and anti-tyranny, committed to establishing a democratic and free political system. If the people are not well educated, the state is not Constructed by educated people, his efforts and dreams will all come to naught, or collapse like a tower over the sand, or collapse like a mirage, after all, a fantasy. His whole life’s emphasis on education and his educational thoughts can be said to have laid the basic idea and basic framework for American education. The reason why today’s education in the United States has become the world’s source of strong drinking power has benefited from President Jefferson.

This educational concept has elevated American education to a realm closely related to democracy and freedom in the United States. As Jefferson once said repeatedly, democracy and freedom in a country can only be guaranteed forever. On the contrary, a country composed of uneducated people is a hotbed of autocracy and tyranny. However, the successors of the United States continue to enrich and develop this concept of education, which has become a widely accepted value among society and the public. This concept has influenced the education of the United States for more than 200 years. This concept has given birth to innate independence and social education in the United States Conscience, so that the United States will never have the dictatorship and tyranny of the hiding place.