Amazon’s official response: this year is not a smartphone, not out of the cell phone for free

before for the Wall Street journal reporter Jessica Lessin disinformation “, amazon’s official officially finally broke his silence to respond. Official spokesman said: amazon will not launch smartphones this year, even if later want a smartphone, and can not be free of charge.

Lessin previously reported: amazon will sell smartphones, free and unlimited customer will sign contracts with the carriers.


there are a large number of media have speculated that the amazon was developing its own smartphone, but amazon’s official response to dispel the phone may this year.

if amazon to launch smartphones, face the trouble is that most of the mainstream smart phone manufacturers are open handset alliance (smaller companies ), a member of the many manufacturers have signed contracts promise only Google authorized Android equipment. and amazon mobile nature as its tablet, to pick up amazon’s depth customization system for amazon content (e-books, audio, application) sales platform, and eliminate all Google services, it is hard to imagine that this kind of behavior will be considerate of Google.

in addition, amazon also consider that a smartphone is a very good content consumption platform? Audio, electronic books in tablet experience may be better.

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