Amazon’s ebook store formal log in Mexico

according to foreign media reports on The Web of science and technology, amazon has officially opened in Mexico’s Kindle Store (amazon’s ebook Store).

beginning from today, users can use the Mexican peso, Mexico in the Kindle Store to buy more than 2 million kinds of books. In addition, amazon in its web official wrote: “we have carefully selected for Mexico users more than 70000 kinds of books in Spanish. In addition, in order to better help the people of Mexico inheriting local culture, amazon also provides part of Mexico’s local language (for example, the watt) books.”

the amazon Kindle Store in Mexico, in addition to provide 1500 free books, also launched promotions, more than 1000 books, only need to spend nine Mexican pesos (about 70 cents).

meanwhile, Mexico, the user can also buy the Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite, price respectively is 1399 Mexican pesos ($105) and 105 Mexican pesos ($180).