Amazon will launch free smartphone?

according to reports, amazon will be provided free of charge your smartphone.

before the Wall Street journal reporter: to understand the relevant personage of the plan, said amazon will sell smartphones, free and unlimited customer will sign contracts with the carriers.

not yet sure whether you need to get the phone to subscribe to the Amazon related services (such as Amazon Prime), but this way of bundling possibility is very high. Sources at the same time also on amazon can eventually launched the free smartphone skeptical, it involved, after all, the interests of manufacturers and operators, amazon is the only thing smooth handle relevant agreements, the free mobile plan is likely to carry out.

the free pricing may be able to attract the attention of some people, but this free / low price for consumers already is not a new one. Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet is also taking low line, the profit mainly from ads, and App , ebook, video, music, such as consumer purchases. In addition, in the United States and other countries, has introduced a two-year contract guaranteed consumption send cell phone activities, at the same time there are also some free contract low-end smartphones on the market. Amazon wants in the intense competition broken a piece of the smartphone market is difficult. Thus based on considerations of quickly grab market share, amazon is likely to be really cheap and even free smartphone.

is widely expected, amazon launched smartphone with the Kindle Fire , is the depth of the amazon custom android. The smartphone or will use open source system, but does not include the Google Play a series of Google products. this means that the amazon yield of smartphone will face direct competition of other android devices. And this is the amazon smartphone appeared delays in one of the reasons: many manufacturers have signed contracts promise only Google authorized Android devices.

about amazon’s latest smartphone plan from the Wall Street journal reported. Amazon plan research and development, the report said, two different phones. Reportedly phones for high-end customers will include glasses-free 3 d display and eye tracking technology. At the same time there are rumblings indicates that amazon developed a low-end phones at the same time.

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