Amazon to Globalstar test based on satellite wireless network

bloomberg said, citing sources amazon recently with a company called “Globalstar” satellite communications company, to test a new wireless network.

Globalstar, calif., is committed to build to a satellite communication system based on the ground of the network, and hope can cover 80% of the worldwide area. It is reported, in November 2012, the company has to apply the FCC, the satellite communication system as a wi-fi service.

as the world’s largest e-commerce platform and amazon have never given up, for the expansion of their business. In order to compete with apple, Google, amazon has built its own app store and the Kindle and other hardware equipment. The news of wireless network testing may prove, in addition to electricity, hardware manufacturing, amazon giants are moving in the network into the underlying technology field.

so far, amazon and Globalstar company, were to respond to the news.

in fact, the Internet giant for Web portal (Web gateway) competition has gradually rise. Among them, the Google company is on the cutting edge exemplary of that war. Google fiber, Google balloon project, satellite network, etc., are involved in the construction of basic network of the Internet, Facebook also jointly founded, a batch of communication vowed to let more people use the Internet around the world.

Source: bloomberg