Amazon pushed the new iOS version of the Kindle application, break the law of 3/7, avoiding apple into

(translation: Chen yu)

it is well known that apple for developers to bring huge wealth at the same time, also established the strict payment and revenue sharing system, binding the corresponding credit card user registration, apple collecting fees to the practice of 3, 7 into developers.

however, amazon has recently used a method of flattering to bypass the apple into system. According to foreign media science and technology The Verge, amazon today on its iOS upgraded Kindle application. Application will be embedded in the new search tool, the user can through the search to quickly find what they need to books, and get the corresponding free copy, if the user wants to continue to read the whole book, you can click on the sample sent the purchase link to email. And then on a PC or on the phone’s browser login E-mail, click on the purchase link to jump to the amazon website for purchase. Because the whole purchase process is completed in the amazon website, of course, need not give apple paid.

pay while the process but also did not achieve seamless switching, but, after all, the new application of a lot better than before. The old version of iOS Kindle app no search function, can only be read before the purchase of electronic books. Only through a web page to buy, if you want to buy a new book on the iPhone/ipod? That have to exit the application, use Safari login to amazon’s website to buy, after the book to the iOS application by synchronizing function synchronization. The application of the new search and function of samples is limited to those that provide samples and the catalogue of books.

it is understood that the amazon has launched the device based on the technology of HTML 5, iPhone, Kindle Web applications, 30% of the must also avoid apple into rules.