Amazon plans to launch three new Kindle Fire tablet, the screen resolution and rear cover will overhaul

according to foreign media reports BGR science and technology, amazon is planning to launch a new generation of the Kindle Fire tablet products. As the first company to apple for the tablet set a share of the company, amazon released every time a new equipment plan let user expectations. According to the display, the Kindle Fire after apple, as consumers in the choose and buy tablets, ranking the second fall in love. Although last year, samsung instead of amazon, sit on the position of global tablet shipments in the second, but recently the industry news from samsung to achieve market “tipping point” frequently (see? ” ), and let the amazon and the Kindle Fire seemed to have hope to regain market. In addition, as amazon in book sales in the market’s biggest rival, Barnes comprehensively to exit the tablet market competition (see cloud network reported: hunting, amazon also to a certain extent, won a larger development space. Under such a big good prospects, bezos and his team will be, what new markets and product strategy? Today, I would like to take you to see a new generation of “style” of the Kindle Fire.

sources, amazon will be before the arrival of summer shopping season this year, with at least three new Kindle Fire tablet products.

first product is a new version of the Kindle Fire. 7 inches the Kindle Fire, now in circulation as amazon’s entry-level tablets, sells for $159. A new version of the Kindle Fire while maintaining the original screen size at the same time, improve the degree of display of clear, resolution will reach 1280 x 800 pixels (equivalent to the Kindle Fire now HD screen resolution).

the second product is a new generation of the Kindle Fire HD. it is understood that the new Kindle Fire HD screen resolution will also be improved, from the original 1280 x 800 pixels upgraded to a 1920 x 1200 pixels. However, as well as the new Kindle Fire, a new generation of the Kindle Fire HD screen will still keep the original 7 inch size.

the third product is new the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 “. the resolution of the sources said the tablet will be up to 2560 x 1600 pixels (turns out to be 1920 x 1200 pixels). This means that amazon’s latest high-end tablet pixel density, will be more than apple 9.7 inches, the Retina screen (2048 x 1536 pixels).

in terms of exterior design, sources said, amazon will change the original Kindle Fire HD rounded and smooth style of the back. A new version of the Kindle Fire HD will be more “chiseled” angular design style. original equipment slope will be excessively straight slope at the back of the circle (back to present a trapezoidal structure).

worth it is important to note that the new Kindle Fire HD will also change the position of the power button and volume keys. In order to prevent the tablet when placed horizontally, the touch caused unnecessary buttons, the new Kindle Fire HD will be placed these two buttons on the back straight on a slope. Sources pointed out that the change of details, is considered to be significant improvements in the design of the amazon’s tablet in place.

is a new generation of the Kindle Fire series products will be more light than the original equipment.

in terms of price, sources said, amazon wants to maintain the original price of the Kindle Fire. In addition, a new generation of the Kindle Fire is expected in September this year, was said to have been with the Kindle Fire release date) to meet the consumers.