Amazon launched the iOS application with 5 gb free cloud storage pictures

Beijing time on May 12, according to foreign media reports, amazon launched the iOS platform cloud photo storage application, to help users save photo storage space in the equipment.

reported that iPhone users if taken many pictures, will inevitably occupy larger storage space, put forward their own solutions to amazon. Amazon this week unveiled a called Cloud Drive the application of Photos, allows users to store thousands of Photos in the amazon Cloud, and the application of the free version has landed in November the android platform.

once transfer pictures to the cloud, the user can through the iPhone, iPod touch, computers and any web browser to view. Of course, the user can also through the computer to upload photos to the Cloud Drive, and through the iOS devices to browse.

whenever the application when the iPhone and iPod photo will be automatically stored in the cloud. At the same time, the user can also choose photos from Cloud Drive, posted on Facebook, E-mail and other applications. “Is the core content in consumer daily life picture,” Russell application supervisor dick (Russell Dicker) said, “no matter what the user to select the platform, all can use this app. The user can take heart that their photos are automatically saved to the cloud.”

it is understood that the current user can use 5 gb free cloud storage space, want to pay for additional storage space, 20 gb space the annual fee is about $10; Google Drive also offers 5 gb free storage, but 25 gb monthly fee of $2.49; Dropbox with 2 gb of free space, users pay $10 a month can enjoy 100 gb of space.

translation: tencent technology