Amazon launched a virtual currency

Beijing time on May 13, news, Amazon today released its first Amazon virtual currency Coins, and distributed to all the Kindle Fire users 500 Amazon Coins, the equivalent of $5.

Amazon Coins can be used for buying games, applications, and purchase of such trading program. At present, Amazon Coins and dollar exchange rate is 100 to 1. However, when consumers to use cash to buy also can enjoy certain discount, currently ninety percent discounts. For example, to purchase 10000 Amazon Coins, costs about $100 in theory, discounted price only need $90.

however, Amazon Coins now can only use in the United States.

Application and game

amazon vice President Michael George (George) Mike said: “today is the first day of the Coins issued. We will develop more earn Coins, and provide more content and activities to meet the consumer demand Coins.”

as early as February, amazon announced that it would launch a virtual currency, at that time the company also said it will worth tens of millions of dollars were distributed free to consumer virtual currency.

translation: tencent technology