Amazon Kindle series login China formally on June 7

after a long wait, amazon’s Kindle series hardware devices is finally landed in China market. Today, there are reports that the Kindle reader and Kindle Fire on June 7, officially released in mainland China.

, sina tech reported amazon has confirmed the product release date, but the price has not been decided, and wait for a company at the top of the last word.

report also said that Chinese consumers can in the amazon website and Su Ningyi purchase net () to buy the Kindle series products. In addition, in offline suning appliance outlets shop also can buy the product.

a weibo netizens recently captured in suning stores selling Kindle counter photos (see below), it’s more confirmed the reliability of the news. But weibo that Internet users said that despite the counter, but have not related products, and sales staff also don’t know what the specific price of a commodity.

is very long, Amazon are not Kindle series products in China. The reason is very simple, because the Chinese market of piracy is rampant. More terrible is that people get used to the piracy provided by the “convenience”, think reading digital content should be free of charge. In just the past few months, amazon, on the one hand, and “love beans” (Ikandou) resolute struggle, shut down its offer Kindle download channel, on the other hand, it also offers Kindle banned douban related functions.

go to years, amazon in China quietly released iOS and Android version of the Kindle app and Kindle electronic bookstore. This seemed to herald the Kindle series will be logged in China soon. After also have news, amazon will be released on April 16 in China the Kindle products, but not very quickly. Earlier this month, amazon released its Android Appstore in China, it is considered to be the amazon for the upcoming release of hardware equipment.