Amazon dropped out of the top five, shanzhai tablet power at the top of the android tablet

yesterday, IDC announced in the third quarter of global tablet shipments statistics report for 2013. According to the report, apple still in 14.1 million shipments at the top of the list, but samsung Android tablet shipments of growth is far more than the device.

here are the main contents of the report:

in the third quarter of 2013, the global tablet shipments for 47.6 million, 34.8 million last year, rising by about 36.8%;

the title again, in the third quarter shipments for 14.1 million units, market share fell 29.6% year on year;

samsung tablet shipments for 9.7 million units, market share rose to 20.4%;

, the third to the fifth tablet manufacturer shipments are also varying degrees of growth: asus tablet market share of 7.4%, lenovo tablet market share rose to 4.8%, and acer ranked fifth, market share is 2.5%;

, let a person a little surprise, amazon fell out of the list of “top five”. Analysts believe this is caused by the amazon did not launch new tablet in the third quarter. However, with the Kindle Fire HDX equipment, amazon will return to the top five in the new quarter.

(data unit is: millions)

the report pointed out that the slowing growth (just 1%), on the one hand, because apple did not launch new product in the third quarter, the Air, Retina, the mini has just been released, has not yet listed), on the other hand is also from Android tablet FenRun. In addition, IDC also said Windows tablet is still struggling with both rob users, is not worthy to be statistical big market share.

another point it is worth noting that the the tablet of “other” brand occupy a part of one of the most important global tablet market. Both shipments (16.8 million), and market share (35.3%) was significantly higher than in the table top five manufacturers. the so-called “other” tablet brands including nature was not in the top five rankings of amazon, Microsoft, HP, dell, etc (their respective share are less than 2.5%), and many of famous fortress android tablet accounted for about thirty percent of the tablet market. Is obviously the obscurity of shanzhai manufacturers help Android tablet on shipments to catch up with the device.

so you need to mention is that despite all the Android shipments have catch up with the greatly, but apple still dominated the market of high-end, enjoy a maximum profit. The possibility of this situation in the short term can’t see the change.