Amazon China titles door investigation: “scalpers” latent electric business


a price war frequently major electricity, is facing new challenges.

recently, many people in the name of the “victims” to the “daily economic news” reporter said, online mall amazon China unilaterally cancel their orders, even they also encounter account seal, sealing IP the punishment.

reporter in-depth survey found that some of them may indeed be encountered during normal operation “an accident”, while others, because of its special status, is an open “victims” in the titles of the user, some people took advantage of amazon China’s low stock up when sales promotion, and then on to resell.

how to effectively limit the scalpers breed at the same time, and not because of the “overlord” titles where innocent consumers? It has become the current electricity industry, especially a new problem of the price war.

user fact: amazon China orders be odd deleted

candy (not his real name) was amazon China closed accounts and IP .

she described to the daily economic news “reporter said, she is amazon China experienced users, over the years, she average daily package volume of , a year down the order amount of one million yuan.

according to her introduction, in addition to their own use, she occasionally to help relatives buy on sb’s behalf, “give priority to with recreation, does not involve management”. But since late last year, amazon: China has cancelled the order in the orders and payment procedures finished, amazon China back-end systems will be in a few minutes to cancel her order, order and told that their accounts show unusual, sometimes 1 goods will be cancel the order.

in order to avoid their shopping failure caused by account problem, candy tried to change the account, change the IP address, but it remains the same, which makes the candy feel puzzled.

3 on 15 , candy after a shopping order and complete payment procedures, amazon China again citing “account shows exception” to freeze the account of the candy. “This is not only a single account, in an account, or will not come up, () IP have been closed.” Candy said, this has brought the sequela: until 3 on and , also did not receive with amazon’s binding a refund record from China merchants bank, at the same time, its on amazon gift card cannot continue to use.

from 3 on 20 day, candy every day by phone and email to amazon China customer service complaints, but given in accordance with the amazon China send personal documents after the scanning process, she is still not get your refund and gift CARDS.

“daily economic news” reporter to call amazon China customer service, customer service personnel to reply, ordinary debit card and bank credit card is under the normal account after refund 3 workdays arrive, other credit card 20 workdays arrive. Frozen accounts, the balance on the gift card can be sent through personal certificates information such as the scanned documents for return to the bank card. However, the customer service personnel added, all problems will be subject to company to specific users send email reply.

however, candy said in applying for the gift card balance refund to provide account recent order number, and quite a lot of formalities, and titles amazon China, unable to log in again after the cumbersome process make themselves unable to get back the gift card balance.

and candy is similar, and the other a consumer custine (a pseudonym) to the “daily economic news” reporter also complain about the “hegemony” amazon China. 2012 , 11 on 1 , custine China under the order a book at amazon, order entry site given expected delivery time for the month 6 to 7 day, amazon China after many times delay the time, however, the final will delete the commodity information.

then custine contact amazon customer service China for many Times, 2012 , 11 on 12 day, he got the following results: the processing of return order payment, send 10 yuan coupon to use next time.

candy said, “every transaction has the disclaimer below, even if the payment and the amazon did not deliver goods, all depending on the deal.” Candy said, this means that the amazon China shall have the right to unilaterally cancel the order.

in the complete payment procedures, and after receiving the confirmation message of amazon China, unilaterally cancel the order, amazon China Beijing yingke law firm lawyer jiang suhua, told reporters in the electricity industry many similar events, depending on the transaction process is concerned. But in general, if consumers received the transaction confirmation email, has been called off orders, electricity companies constitute violation of consumer rights and interests of the facts.

3 years ago for “titles” group of circulating escape the titles of “strategy”

reporter survey found that amazon China titles for a long time. 2010 , 7 month, the daily economic news “was published, called” even sealing user accounts “not to explain”, “those who complain to amazon reports, 2010 , 5 on 20 , China electronic chamber of commerce’s 315 network consumer complaints have received a number of outstanding amazon user complaints, users according to their amazon account was somehow frozen.

according to 315 consumer complaints network statistics show that at that time, as of 2010 , 5 on 18 day, when received the amazon effective complaint 549 , the 2009